Modern Country Style

What is contemporary country style?

As its name suggests, contemporary country is a fusion of both country and contemporary/modern interiors. A country style, which incorporates neutral and natural materials, can be modernized through a culmination of current trends including industrial, geometric, metallics and even Hampton styles. The style is classic, but offset with clean lines and has a more modern vibe than a simple barnyard or exclusively country style.

What are the design characteristics?

Forget bold colours and look to a neutral backdrop with a colour scheme of whites and creams. You can add interest to a room with contrasting accessories.
Soft shades like washed sage, mint or dusty blues work, while hints of deep red or butter yellow can also make a subtle space pop. Pattern is very important too for country style to work, so don't be afraid to mix up stripes, checks and spots with some floral pieces.

To make it work cohesively, look at the main colours in the busier pieces, then repeat these colours in simpler patterns. For example, use blue-and-white-striped curtains to pick up on the small blue flowers in a cushion cover.

Is it different from contemporary country style (as mentioned on house rules)?  

Dark timbered cosy home

These dark woods create a warm atmosphere amidst the d├ęcor in the living room, contrasted with raw brick as a feature wall in the kitchen and the white dining area, this home parallels the modern with country comfort, assuming the same for its bedroom and bathroom.
The white imitates the neutral tones often used in modern country style homes, whereas the timber is reminiscent of the country style home or the ‘barn house’.  

Raw-timber barn

Pacifying the white sleek and chic interior design of what a modern country home consists of with the warm, raw timber framing and slats open to sight lining the roof, this modern country home combines raw, jaggedness with the sleek, pristine elegance of modernity to create a perfectly harmonious modern country style home. 

Open-loft retreat

Mixing natural materials and neutral tones makes this country cross loft-esque home the perfect contemporary getaway. 

Abstract country house

Although this abstract masterpiece may confuse some into thinking it’s purely modern architecture situated in a country location, don’t be fooled, this is as excellent intersection of both contemporary composition and homily country style.

Cosy country kitchen

The all-too-familiar black and white checked tiles are a token characteristic of modern country style homes, and this home has combined the appeal of the white, sleek of the Hamptons mixed with the homily characteristics of an atypical country home.