When it comes to designing a new kitchen or renovating an old one, there are so many things you need to consider. Once you have the design and layout in place, you will need to consider the floor and walls, the benchtop and splashback, kitchen doors, the tapware and power points, not to mention the material and colour palettes. Very importantly, you will also need to plan storage – the cabinets and cupboards on the wall as well as underbench that will keep all of your kitchen appliances, tools, pots and pans, dishware, utensils and containers well organised and out of sight for a clutter-free kitchen.

Given that storage cupboards have high visibility in the kitchen, the cupboard door profile deserves as much thought and consideration as the storage space within during the design process. The overall kitchen design in terms of style such as contemporary, classic, heritage, country, rustic, traditional, transitional or minimalist, choice of materials, colours, textures and finishes, and even the size of the kitchen, will serve as guidance when it comes to selecting the cupboard doors. A tired kitchen can be updated for a fresh look and feel by simply changing the cabinet doors! A refreshed kitchen adds value to the home too.

In terms of styling, kitchen cupboard doors have definitely evolved with modern tools, techniques and materials allowing greater design flexibility. However, traditional designs continue to be popular amongst homeowners.

Shaker style cupboard doors, for instance, which can be traced back to the 1800s to a New England community, are known for their clean and minimalist style. Comprising of a four-piece wood frame and a recessed central panel with no embellishments, Shaker doors are still preferred by many homeowners for as one of the optimum kitchen cupboard door ideas – in a Hampton home, for example. The simplicity of the design makes Shaker doors ideal for contemporary as well as country style kitchens. A natural wood-stain finish gives it a traditional look while a more modern vibe can be achieved using paint.

Shaker kitchen cupboard door

10. Shaker style cupboard doors (Image source: RoseMountKitchens)

One of the most common in kitchen cabinet door styles is the flat panel or slab door. As the name suggests, the door is completely flat and lends a clean, minimalist vibe to the kitchen. Slab doors with no handles and finished in ultra-high gloss paint are perfect for modern kitchens – they are easy to clean too.

Flat panel

9. Flat panel cupboard doors (Image source: Renoguide)

Beadboard cabinetry sits comfortably in heritage, country or transitional design kitchens. Beadboard cabinet doors consist of a frame grooved on the inside to hold the beadboard panels in the centre.


8. Beadboard cupboard doors (Image source: BobVila)

Arched kitchen cabinet doors, also known as Cathedral doors, feature an arched frame enclosing a recessed or raised centre panel. Also a perfect fit for traditional or heritage kitchen designs, arched kitchen cabinet doors look best in natural wood finishes.


7. Arched cupboard doors (Image source: BobVila)

Raised panel cupboard doors are a good choice for traditional as well as transitional kitchen designs. These doors feature a raised centre panel with the edge cut to fit into the frame. One of the oldest styles in the market, raised panel doors are commonly seen in heritage homes. Use distressed wood for a rustic, old country vibe.

Raised Panel

6. Raised Panel (Image source: BobVila)

Traditional or contemporary, glass cabinet doors have their own place in kitchen design as the closest design to a freestanding pantry, without wholly being one. Homeowners confused about choosing between open shelves and closed cabinets can have the best of both worlds where they can showcase their cookware and dishware without worrying about dust collecting inside. Smart lighting is also suggested for added effect. However, glass cabinet doors are high maintenance, especially in the kitchen. A glass front also demands that the contents of the cupboard are always neatly arranged and are not ideal when the time comes for replacement kitchen cabinet doors.

5. Glass door (Image source: Renoguide)

Louvered cabinet doors, though not as popular in the market, have a charm of their own, especially in traditional kitchens. Louvered doors are particularly ideal for kitchen cabinetry as they keep the storage area ventilated. A more modern option is the cupboard door with vertical slats that serve a similar purpose.

4. Louvered cabinet doors (Image source: BuilderSupplyOutlet)

Not outdoor living area is complete without an alfresco kitchen. However, outdoor areas need a more robust materials palette that can stand up to the elements while making an impressive visual impact. Alfresco kitchen cabinet doors featuring an aluminium frame and glass insert combination will continue to look good for years with no damage from the sun, wind or moisture, giving you the freedom to avoid maintenance. If you want to add colour to your outdoor kitchen, door inserts are available in a choice of coloured acrylic, aluminium, or laminate and decorative MDF panels.

3. Alfresco kitchen cabinet doors (Image source: Alsert Doors)

Additionally, there are several other kitchen cupboard door designs: Sliding cabinet doors are perfect for compact kitchens in modern apartments, yet  lack overhead storage. Metallic screen doors on cabinets add both function and a beautiful aesthetic to the kitchen. Inset cupboard doors feature exposed joinery while the door sits neatly inside the frame. Pantry doors are available in various door styles to blend with the rest of the cabinetry.

Kitchen cabinet doors are made from a range of materials to suit aesthetics, design considerations, finish, budget and even green goals. Durability is an important factor in the kitchen, given that the doors will constantly be exposed to heat, moisture, steam, water and constant use. Solid timber, plywood, MDF, glass, acrylic, laminate, thermofoil, aluminium and stainless steel are some of the more commonly used materials for an appliance cupboard.

In terms of finishes, melamine or laminate is one of the most popular materials used in Australian kitchens, thanks to a generous palette of colours including wood-look as well as ease of maintenance and durability. Timber, timber veneer, polyurethane paints and high gloss boards are also preferred finishes in kitchen design.

While kitchen cabinet doors are available off the shelf in standard sizes, kitchens with non-standard cupboards will need customised solutions. There are several service providers in the market who can provide complete turnkey services for custom kitchen cupboard doors. A low-cost kitchen makeover is possible by simply changing your cupboard doors; however, it also depends on the physical condition of the entire cabinet system. Flat pack cupboards – available in both standard and customised options – can be sourced for DIY kitchen renovations.

Can you simply replace the doors?

Replacing kitchen cupboard doors is a simple DIY job, provided you have the right size doors. For more elaborate installations, professional assistance is advised.

Which tradesperson installs kitchen cupboards?

Hiring a custom cabinet maker can ensure that you are getting exactly what you want. Whether it’s open storage, deep drawers, or corner carousels, you want to have a kitchen designed to your desires, and a good cabinet maker can make that happen.


Custom cabinetry isn’t cheap though. Expect to be charged at least $100 an hour by a cabinet maker.

When it comes to total cost for your kitchen cabinetry, below are some costs you can expect to encounter depending on the materials and quality of your cabinets:

Flatpack kitchen cabinetry between $2,800 and $4,000 dollars
Melamine fronts with budget kitchen cabinetry will be around $4,500
Polyurethane in a mid-range kitchen will start at $6,800
Custom mid-range kitchen using 2pac will cost around $11,000
Timber or 2pac for high customer kitchen will start at $15,000 and up
Your biggest factor in cost will be dependent on the quality of materials you select. There will also be some cost associated with the techniques used in creating your kitchen cabinetry. Most cabinets today are made out of particle board with a melamine outer coating. If you want higher quality cabinets, stick with medium density fibreboard (MDF), since it’s stronger than particle board.

This top-of-the-line range of kitchen cabinet doors features a 4-piece frame and a recessed panel, and is custom-made to specific sizes and finished in beautiful, hard-wearing polyurethane in the selected colour with choice of satin, matt or gloss finishes. Made from Australian made E0 highly moisture resistant MDF, these recessed panel cabinet doors can be installed as a DIY project or by a professional installer recommended by the company.


2. Colonial style cabinet doors by Sydney Doors

Price: $80.60 onwards


Polytec’s thermolaminated cabinet doors are beautifully crafted to suit a wide range of kitchen designs from contemporary minimalistic to the more traditional country style. Made from profiled moisture resistant E0 MDF, these cabinet doors feature a durable and decorative surface on the face and edges, and are available in a range of colours, profiles and surface finishes. The high resistance of the thermoformed surface to knocks and bumps makes this range perfect for busy home kitchens.


1. Thermolaminated cabinet doors by Polytec


Extra kitchen cupboard ideas

Hamptons style kitchen cabinet doors by Farmers

Hamptons style kitchens effortlessly bring home a cool sophisticated coastal vibe with their predominantly white theme accentuating the bright, breezy and casually elegant ambience of the iconic American high society destination. Farmers offers a choice of three door styles to recreate the Hamptons look – Shaker, Provincial and Virginia. While Shaker is made from melamine MDF, Provincial and Virginia use natural timber and hoop pine timber veneer. Several customisation options are also available for colours and accessories.



Melamine cabinet doors by Polytec

Home kitchens need to balance stunning looks with practical use. Melamine kitchen cabinet doors fit the brief with their durable, hygienic and low maintenance characteristics combined with a wide palette of timeless neutral colours and decorative finishes. Melamine doors are made from resin impregnated decorative paper bonded onto a particleboard or MDF substrate by heat and pressure. The cabinet door’s resistance to scratches and moisture exposure ensures long-term durability.



Country style kitchen cabinet doors by Farmers

Country-themed kitchens never go out of style. From rustic cottages to expansive modern country homes, this kitchen design combines timeless charm with high functionality. Farmers doors suited to country style kitchens include Waratah, Provincial and Virginia, all made from natural timber and hoop pine timber veneer. Country style cabinet doors can be supplied in a rustic colour finish customised with a colour of your choice from Farmers’ Original Colour Palette of classic rustic whites and creams, which are pre-stressed to add character.



Aluminium cabinet doors by Alsert Doors

Alsert aluminium kitchen cabinet doors offer a choice of flat, curved and box frames/ profiles in a broad selection of styles and finishes from simple anodised to powdercoated options in brushed, gloss or matt looks. Choice is also offered for door mechanisms to suit the kitchen design as well as door inserts, which come in light sensitive glass, sparkling crystal glass, digitally printed starphire glass, high gloss acrylic, aluminium or laminate and decorative MDF panels. Aluminium cabinet doors are particularly recommended for alfresco kitchens but are equally impressive in indoor applications too.



Alfresco kitchen cabinet doors by Polytec

This contemporary range of alfresco cabinet doors is guaranteed to transform your outdoor living space into a functional and practical entertaining area. You can seamlessly connect your indoor and outdoor spaces by using the same aesthetic throughout. Polytec's alfresco range combines aluminium frames in sleek Satin Aluminium or Brushed Stainless finish with 5mm COMPACT laminate inserts to offer a highly impact-resistant, hardy and waterproof solution. The inserts made from COMPACT laminate are long-lasting, low maintenance decorative panels that look good and resist stains and wear.