While over 100 ‘Best of the Best’ awards were handed out in the Products category at this year’s Red Dot Awards, we chose eight products from the extensive list that could be influential to Australia’s architecture and design industry.

The list includes everything from shower screens and drains to exterior facades and frameless front doors. Read on for those products and descriptions courtesy of Red Dot, or alternatively visit the Red Dot Awards website to view the full list of award winners.

Nevos GLASS -  frameless, automatic front door


Manufacturer: Josko Fenster und Türen GmbH, Austria
Description: The Nevos GLASS front door has a surface of enamelled glass that can be either tinted black or given a high-gloss metallic coating as desired. Aside from the LED illumination, which accentuates the door’s silhouette, the absence of a frame, handles or fittings underlines its purist appearance. The transparent side panel melds with the opaque leaf to create a continuous front.

Luce Verde Slim - LED wall and pendant luminaire


Manufacturer: Sattler GmbH, Germany
Description: Luce Verde Slim is an LED luminaire which integrates dried moss. It is available either as a pendant or wallmounted luminaire. With the structure of its surface, the luscious green and the natural feel of the moss, the delicate LED ring luminaire conveys an atmosphere of well-being and simultaneously improves the acoustics of the room. The moss does not require any care and has an appealing tactile feel. The circular aluminium profile with integrated acrylic glass provides direct and homogenous lighting.

Baldachin - ceiling connection for pendant luminaires


Manufacturer: Georg Bechter Licht, Austria
Description: As an integrated ceiling connection for standard pendant lights, the Baldachin series is a sophisticated solution. It is perceived as a deformation of the ceiling and not recognisable as a separate unit. Baldachin is available with the outlet facing the inside or the outside. The prefabricated plaster module is fitted into the ceiling; the edges are leveled out and painted together with the ceiling. It integrates the technical requirements for mounting a bayonet joint. The power cord is connected to the luminaire and the entire luminaire, including the bayonet pin, is locked onto the module.

Grigo bog oak flooring - engineered flooring

20-04867-2015-3.jpgManufacturer: UAB Grigo, Lithuania
Description: The rare wood of the bog oak and its wide range of natural colours were the inspiration for this parquet flooring and these solid floorboards. Fossilised wood, which is characterised by its high durability, has spent centuries buried in damp areas, submerged under water in moors or in bogs. In this case, it has been imitated using fresh oak that has been artificially aged. The top layer of the floor is shaded grey or black throughout its complete thickness, whereas the natural transition of these colour shades is another property of the bog oak. A finishing with oil or beeswax gives the surface an additional silky shine.

Liga - shower enclosure


Manufacturer: Kermi GmbH, Germany
Description: Liga offers an expedient, easy-to-clean shower solution where it is necessary to save space. Two doors made of 5-mm-thick single-pane safety glass keep the steam in the shower enclosure. They are folded inwardly by means of high-quality joints and elegantly placed against the wall to save space. The raising/lowering mechanism integrated in all hinges as well as ergonomically bow-shaped handles facilitate handling.

ACO Walk-in - floor-level shower drain


Manufacturer: ACO Passavant GmbH, Germany
Description: ACO Walk-in allows floor-level showering without causing impounding water. The water runs entirely off through the grating into an electro-polished stainless steel tray. The cover is resistant towards detergents and soapy water. The shower always stays hygienic as it is easy to clean and standing water is avoided. The grating has a woody, warm feel. Different sizes, colours and slope situations permit versatile scope for design.

Schüco Parametric System - façade system


Manufacturer: Schüco International KG, Germany
Description: The Schüco Parametric System enables the design of geometrically free and three-dimensional building façades. The continuously flexible components can be individually created and thus allow efficient planning: The system offers various options of usage, from sun radiation and shading adjustment via optimisation of daylight admission to solar energy generation. Due to the consistent process chain from concept to construction, the production of elements not supplied as standard is also feasible.

Therm 6000i S - instantaneous gas water heater


Manufacturer: Bosch Termotecnologia, S.A., Portugal
Description: The Therm 6000i S instantaneous gas water heater offers high warm-water comfort combined with favourable energy efficiency. The device features an intuitive touch user interface with a TFT colour display, and its special safety glass front renders the technology working inside visible on the outside. The Therm 6000i S also includes integrated Bluetooth connectivity so that the user can change settings or retrieve information with mobile devices.

Images and product descriptions courtesy of Red Dot Awards.