How much does it cost to build a 4 bedroom house in Australia?

The average cost to build a home in Australia is between $2,000-$4,000 per square metre. However, the average cost to build a 4 bedroom house in Australia can realistically range anywhere from 230,000 to the low millions. The cost per square metre will be influenced by a range of factors, but in particular the type/quality of materials will have a huge impact on the overall building costs.

Building a four bedroom house is usually not much more or less expensive than building a three or five bedroom house. The average cost of building a house in Australia is around $320,238 at $1,400 per square meter. Though a four bedroom house may range a little higher than something with less rooms, the potential benefit of a large house – especially for a relatively small additional sum – is immense.


Average 4 bedroom house size

The average Australian dwelling has a floor plan of 186.3 square metres and sits on a block size of 414 square metres. However, the average Australian home is generally only three bedrooms (though there is evidence that the popularity of four bedroom homes is on the rise). Four bedroom homes account for slightly less than one in every three houses in Australia, a drastic increase from the early 90s where 3 bedroom homes comprised more than 50% of all inhabited dwellings.

A general rule of thumb in home planning is that there ought to be approximately 55-65 square metres for each person, setting the benchmark for an ideal four bedroom home at 223-260 square metres.

The style of home will generally depend on the location, though typically four bedroom homes are limited to one or two storeys. A single story four bedroom home is an extremely common layout in rural areas and farmhouses, while modern townhouses are actually likely to have 2 storys or three storeys. When preparing to build a four bedroom house, keep the surrounding houses in mind as you decide on the height and style.


It is impossible to calculate the cost of a 4 bedroom home build without considering all of the variables. Factors which might influence the price include, first and foremost, material types; luxurious materials will undoubtedly raise the overall cost of your home and you are unlikely to build a house from quality materials for under $200,000. Another influence is the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has seen housing prices rise drastically over the past few years and greatly influenced the cost (and timely delivery) of building materials.

Location is also extremely likely to influence the price of your build. This of course refers to the type of location – meaning urban, suburban, or rural – but also the specifics of the property’s situation. The average cost of building a house varies greatly between states, meaning that you can expect to pay (a significant amount) more depending on the province in which your property resides.


The ACT is the most expensive Australian state for building houses (followed by QLD and NSW), with the average price settling steadily at $440,000. It is worth noting that the ACT also tends to have the largest sized houses on average – likely a factor influencing the cost. The least expensive state to build a house in is Tasmania, with an average build cost of $285,000. Bear in mind that these calculations are drawn from all types of new houses, so the cost of building a 4 bedroom home specifically is likely to be slightly higher.

Cheapest way to build a house: A low cost simple breakdown


Land: buying a block of land is usually the first step towards building a house, and it is an expensive step at that. The average block of undeveloped land in Australia costs approximately $80,000. This block of land must then be prepared for construction, a process which usually costs a few thousand dollars (between $1,500-$3,000 on average).

House Plans: designing the house is where the bulk of home costs will become evident. Hiring an architect to devise house plans alone is likely to cost around $5,000 – but the majority of architects will have a percentage fee rather than an up front charge (usually 5% of the build cost). See here for advice on whether an architect or a draftsman would be best suited for your project. This is also the stage where you should begin finding contractors, devising a budget, and requesting quotes.


Foundations and initial construction: the excavation and preparation of the home’s base is usually around $15,000. Once that has been completed, a skeleton frame can be installed – meaning the structural elements of the designs. This usually costs an additional $35,000.


Final practical touches: the next step is to install the elements that will make the house fit for habitation. This includes the roof, floors, windows, walls, doors and ceilings. The price of this will vary depending on your choice of materials and the complexity of the installations (e.g. feature walls, custom windows, and ornate doors are likely to bump up the price). Generally, these finishing touches will cost around $50,000 to complete.

Connecting to the grid: one of the final steps is to connect the house to the grid. This means installing everything necessary to cater for plumbing and electrical systems, including pipes, wires and ducts. Installing and linking all of this up will usually cost another $50,000.

Interior furnishing: the last step of building a house is installing the drywall, interior doors, insulation, and all of the design features that make the house completely fit for human habitation. This includes adding interior elements such as furniture, appliances, countertops and painting (though usually the finish will be simple for a new build). Finalizing a home and making it liveable is actually one of the most expensive parts of home design and costs about $110,000 on average. To give you a sense of the expected cost, see below


How much does it cost to paint a 4 bedroom house?

The cost to paint a 4 bedroom home will vary depending on the size, material, and type of paint. A large 4 bedroom house can cost up to $20,000 to paint completely, though the average ranges from $500-$4,000.

Cost to carpet 4 bedroom house Australia

Quality carpet will cost over $5,300 to install in a 4 bedroom house. Mid range carpet can be expected at $4,600-5,2000 and for an entry level product the average price is around $4,000.

Is it cheaper to build or buy?

Building a house has the potential to be much cheaper, saving a few hundred thousand dollars. However, this will depend on the specifics of your project and the land on which the house is to be built. Read more about build costs here.