What are interior design apps?

Looking for the perfect vintage chair? Want to envision what a new paint color would look like in your space, without getting out the rollers? Need a floor plan for your home? Whether it's diy,or you're   ready to fantasise, whip out your smartphone or iPad and make your interior design idea come to life with interior design tools, such as a house painting app or an app that helps your measure your living room. Whether it be the living room, bedroom or kitchen, some of the interior design software available is second to none when it comes to reimagining your home. 

With free interior design apps, it's never been easier to kickstart your new home's makeover. Paid interior design programs are just as helpful, as are the interior decorating apps listed. 

What do they do?

From shopping and colour planning to measuring and arranging, there's a home design app for nearly every step of the process. Now you really have no excuse to put off that renovation. Read on to discover 19 apps that will help you design a room or house from from start to finish, as according to Architectural Digest.

Is interior design the same as interior decoration?

No. Interior design is the art and science of understanding people's behavior to create functional spaces within a building. Decoration is the furnishing or adorning of a space with fashionable or beautiful things*. In short, interior designers may decorate, but decorators do not design.

5. Hutch

Available for iOS and Android; free

This app merges the worlds of rendering and shopping, virtually outfitting rooms from photos users upload and allowing them to shop the look directly. Says Ben Broca, cofounder and head of product and technology, "Our photo technology recognizes the structure of the user's space and places products in it. It’s similar to what Snapchat filters do to your face, but for furniture shopping."

4. Invaluable

Available for iOS; free

Browse lots from live auctions around the world without leaving your desk, armchair, or bed. Invaluable allows you to place advance absentee bids and bid in real-time at live and online auctions.

3. Chairish

Available for iOS; free

If you’d like to buy or sell high-quality, preowned decor, Chairish is a one-stop shop. Sellers can upload photos of furniture via the app, and then Chairish’s curators decide which items to sell. The company takes care of payment, shipping, and returns for most sales. Listing items is free, and the seller keeps 80 percent of the final sale. Buyers can look forward to finds from Knoll, Herman Miller, Christian Liaigre, Ligne Roset, and B&B Italia, among other brands.

2. Morpholio Board Pro

Designed to make life easier for professionals, Morpholio Board Pro merges mood boards, shopping lists, cut sheets, and specs all into one app, making client presentations and project management a breeze.

1. RoomScan Pro

How many hours have you spent searching for the original floor plan of your house? You’re sure you put it somewhere safe… never to be found again. This super simple app scans your room to provide you with the dimensions and a 3D model so you can effortlessly envisage new decor and furnishings to your heart’s content.

It offers augmented reality scanning or the ability to touch your phone against the walls to measure. It’s not only great for individual room planning, it also helps with exteriors and gardens.