In a digital new age, life has changed, and so have our entrances and our glass peepholes. But more specifically, so have our materials, the way we interact with them, what we expect from them and how we see our future with them. Them, as in, doors and windows.

Firstly, it is beneficial to understand where doors and windows sit in the market in the 21st century. A new report on the doors and windows market estimates the global market valuation will cross US$235.2 billion by 2026, according to Global Market Insights.

So, what are the major findings of the window and door market report and why are they important? Notable findings include increased spending on commercial infrastructure, proliferated demand for uPVC profiles, increased replacement of aging infrastructure and developed building and construction activities in the Asia-Pacific.

These findings are important because they’re notifying us of the demand, due to global trends or circumstances, but most importantly, they’re a peek into what suppliers should be ‘gearing up to give’, for lack of a better term.

Rising trends like green technology and energy efficiency in building construction, together with technology modification and integration, is a major factor influencing the demand of windows and doors worldwide.

“Home automation technology has been increasing rapidly, which is driving the growth of smart doors and windows in the market. [Conjunctively], automated or smart-product demand is expected to follow a positive growth trend in the coming years due to enhanced security and comfort,” according to Global Market Insights Windows and Doors Report.

But don’t let the term ‘home automation’ fool you. Commercial industries are using smart technology to reel their doors up, and down. The idea of a market’s evolution spreads far and wide, and what we see today (focussed on a commercial industry of doors and windows) are some of the most effective products that reflect the global demand in this market.


Louvretec Sliding Shutters provide privacy, are highly functional and add to the aesthetic of commercial buildings. Ideally used as outdoor sliders, the Louvretec range of shutters include sliding, hinged & bi-folding options with smooth operation.

Louvretec shutter systems provide a modern look that will complement a multi-storey apartment complex or an office block all the whilst enhancing privacy, aesthetics and functionality.

Louvretec shutter systems can assist with thermal control by reducing overall energy consumption, allowing the user to control the amount of daylight and glare.

Designed with coastal environments in mind, the componentry used in Louvretec's shutters has completed extensive corrosion resistant testing. Available in a large range of colours, including powder coated or anodised finish, the shutters can be colour matched to existing joinery. 

The louvre blades have a hidden woolpile closing strip, which ensures silent closing and a rattle-free operation. Designed to the client’s precise requirements, Louvretec shutter infills can be hand operated or even motorised with a choice of louvre infill sizes.


Alspec's ThermAFrame system is a high-performance, energy-efficient window, door and framing option that utilises the latest in European Polyamide Thermal Break technology and combine Australian design principles to achieve the best possible results in energy rating in a system that is easy to fabricate and install. 

By thermally breaking the aluminium frame extrusion, Alspec significantly restrict the heat flow through the system. As the Alspec ThermAFrame system limits heat flow, it will reduce the load for heating and cooling, along with providing a reduced risk of condensation.

Alspec's ThermAFrame systems have some of the lowest U-Value’s available in Australia, as low as Uw1.7, meaning that they are the most energy-efficient systems available. These systems also have glazing pockets up to 32mm, which means they can accept a huge range of Insulated Glass Units.

An example of this product being used is in the Falls Creek alpine village, where visitors to the Konayuki apartments will find themselves well-protected from both summer and winter weather extremes through the high-performance properties of Alspec’s ThermAFrame systems. 

The Konayuki development features the ThermAFrame Centre Pocket Framing Suite, Hinged Doors and Awning Windows. The ThermAFrame system has been designed and developed using what is known as Polyamide Thermal Break technology.

A ‘thermal break’ is where a different element is added to the aluminium frame during construction. Given aluminium is a good conductor of heat and cold, a product with less conductive properties is inserted between the aluminium’s inside and outside sections.

The Centre Pocket Framing is available in two depths, 101.6mm and 150mm x 60mm, and can accommodate glass options up to 32mm thanks to the wide glazing pocket.

Wintec Systems

Wintec systems offers a range of building products, be it weather or energy efficient, doors and windows with larger uninterrupted views, or low-maintenance exterior cladding, Wintec Systems aims to exceed Australian standards with its products.

UltraClad is a powder coated aluminium, interlocking-exterior cladding system that can be applied both horizontally and vertically. It is suited to both residential and commercial building applications and is available in a wide range of colours in modern or classic designs.

They are produced in six different profiles which range in width from 140mm up to 205 mm and are supplied in five metre and six metre lengths.

When installed, the cladding is effectively 15mm thick with the powder coat featuring on the exposed surfaces.

UltraClad is extruded from 6060 T5 premium grade aluminium. It is tested to Australian cyclonic conditions and is guaranteed an extensive warranty, additionally, it’s made up of non-combustible material (BAL 40) – bushfire tested, lightweight, low maintenance and no painting required.

UltraClad caters for many design options from feature walls, gable ends to fully clad buildings. The ease and speed with which UltraClad is installed and the fact that it is prefinished makes for faster construction time and reduced cost in scaffolding and painting.

UltraClad is supplied as a complete system which consists of weatherboards, (aluminium cladding), locator’s for concealed fixing, internal/external corner moulds, starter strips board jointers, window flashing and accessories.

Australian Glass Group

Insulglass LowE Max is a softcoat LowE Double Glazed Unit (DGU) with special atomic layers that see market leading solar control, by stopping 73 percent of the sun’s heat from entering inside a building whilst also upholding a superior 78 percent insulation standard.

Australian Glass Group’s Insulglass LowE Max enables their clients to maintain large units without compromising performance as well as meeting the new NCC2019 significant increase in minimal performance requirements.

Some key features of Australian Glass Groups product also include high-acoustic performance, protection from ultraviolet fading factors, reduces energy waste by reducing heating and cooling, reduces energy costs and reduces the overall carbon footprint of clients’ buildings.


ASSA ABLOY’s automatic door systems can reduce the amount of energy needed to heat or cool a building, resulting in lower costs and a smaller carbon footprint for customers.

Yet ASSA ABLOY’s Intrusion Protection Systems is different to most on the market, as it is equipped with additional sensors for fine-tuning opening and closing times, further enhancing its energy-saving capabilities. Regular maintenance helps ensure top performance and extends the life of the equipment, reducing its impact on the environment.

The ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems Intrusion Protection System is the cost-efficient upgrade to any new automatic sliding door and is now being utilised by some of Australia’s largest retailers as well as banks, service stations and any building requiring further security protection for your business and your staff.  The reduction in break-ins not only has a huge impact in regard to reduced costs across the board, but also on staff confidence and safety resulting in higher productivity all round.

The Intrusion protection system provides options for securing at multiple points, whether it be top, middle or bottom. The top of the door can be further enhanced with a strengthened electromechanical locking system contained within the sliding door mechanism.

The middle edges of the door are enhanced by interlocking profiles on the leading edges, bandit proof glass and hardened steel door locating pins to prevent the doors from being pushed in or levered apart. The bottom of the door is bolstered by a bottom tracking system with door frame inserts to prevent deter forced entry of a lateral force.

When combined the ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems SL500 Automatic Sliding Door Operator, the door can also be controlled by multiple inputs including features such as ‘Pharmacy mode’ where the door only opens partially after hours or after a set time, or a full lock down mode for situations that require an immediate response.


Doors are the underdogs of the building world. They’re key, vital even, to privacy, accessibility, and in some cases, can be a life or death matter.

DMF are wholly integral to the inadvertent livelihoods of families, businesses and state services, and most prolifically, their most popular product, the Series RL3000 rapid roll door is self-explanatorily apart of that narrative.

This particular door model is custom manufactured, operating at speeds of up to 1.5 per second, meaning they’re perfect for high trafficked areas requiring a bit of control, whether it be temperature, dust, draft or vermin.

Its resilience is of equal importance to its functionality, since Australia’s climate due to bushfires can be temperamental, so it’s with much reassurance that the wind capacity of the Series RL3000 is up to about 80km/h, with exclusive aluminium door columns with full sealing to the door blade.

Safety sensors additionally protect users, and the product, meaning, its intensive operational speed is not going to kill you, nor ding the door. Its customisable, up to 6m high by 6m wide, and its speed of operation is faster than what one might expect. It’s title, ‘rapid roll door’ doesn’t lie.

Most topically though, its modular in its design, meaning that any service work or replacements parts can be exercised more simply. DMF is locally manufactured in Sydney, meaning that customising and timeframes can finally co-exist peacefully.

“Because we make the product, DMF understands the product better than anyone, and so you do not just purchase a product, but you become acquainted with the manufacturer; a feature that is declining in Australia,” a statement according to DMF.

DMF recently had a Series RL3000E model Rapid Roll Door installed in one of Bunning’s busiest Sydney locations.

The RL3000E rapid door was custom-made to size and included two clear full-width window sections for safety and light and is operated by an induction loop system. The controller is DMF’s exclusive HMI and encoder system, allowing the doors to operate at over 1.2m/sec.


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Image: Assa Abloy