Session Synopsis

A critical means of removing surface and subsurface water from in and around buildings of all types, drainage has developed significantly over the years. Innovations like the linear drain and the manifold drain have not only provided specifiers with effective ways to prevent flooding, inundation, and subsoil degradation, but also opened up fresh design possibilities.

However, those involved in specifying and installing drainage system need to be careful. The use of unsuitable or incorrectly installed systems increases the chances of damaging not just properties and their contents but also associated utilities like gas and electricity. Moreover, non-compliant plumbing products can leave buildings uninsured and result in financial grieve for builders and property owners.

So, what are the relevant regulatory requirements to follow when specifying drainage? What practical considerations should specifiers be aware of when taking on this task, and what are some of the most impressive design solutions available right now?




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Key Learning Outcomes

At the end of this presentation, you should be able to:

  • Identify the relevant code requirements that relate to drainage.
  • Evaluate the practicalities involved with choosing and installing drainage.
  • Apply knowledge and troubleshoot problems associated with drainage installation.
  • Identify and define design solutions that conform to the code requirements.
  • Evaluate and apply knowledge for the best environmental outcomes.

AACA Competency Standards

Design: Project Briefing 1.4
Design: Conceptual Design 3.2, 3.3, 3.4
Design: Schematic Design 4.2, 4.3, 4.7
Documentation: Detailed Design 5.3, 5.5


Troy Creighton, Managing Director, Stormtech

Troy Creighton has been the Managing Director of Stormtech Pty Ltd since 2003. Stormtech was founded by Troy’s father John in 1989 and Troy has been involved in the design and functionalities of linear drains from then on. However, after having worked with John for some time, he wanted to further his career in a corporate environment and went on to hold several positions in sales and marketing in building materials companies. After re-joining Stormtech in 2003, he has developed the company to be the market leader in architectural drainage solutions in Australia and has grown extensive overseas markets.

Max Rafferty, National Technical Policy Manager, Master Builders Australia

Max Rafferty has 20 years’ experience within the construction industry and is currently Master Builders Australia National Technical Policy Manager. He represents the MBA on; the Building Codes Committee which provides Technical advice the Australian Building Codes Board, and a number of Australian Standards Committees including BD 038 Wet Areas In Buildings.

He also worked as Construction Auditor within Government and experience in residential and commercial construction (everything from concreting to site management).