North American construction company, NRB, has taken out the top sustainability gong at the Modular Building Institute’s (MBI) Awards of Distinction competition. 

The winning project, the ADI Development—Valera Sales Centre, is a 1,696 square feet project that was first built a few years ago for the promotion of the ADI’s “Stationwest” residential development. 

With the development site completed and all units sold, ADI decided to dismantle its sales centre and move it to a new location across the city for a new condominium development. 

According to the MBI, the original Burlington, Ontario sales centre was structurally designed to be able to be split up, picked up by a crane, and loaded on to a truck. It was constructed with a structural steel frame, and featured concrete flooring, expansive glass, black aluminium frames, and unique finishes that achieved a feel of permanence. 

Original Stationwest sales centre
The original Stationwest Sales Centre

Because of its design flexibility, the building was relocated to its new Valera Road premises in just 14 weeks. Set on a below-grade foundation for easy accessibility, the re-purposed sales centre today features the same interior walls, which remained in tact, but has been updated with fresh paint, fixtures, and interior décor. 

This revamped appearance, together with new signage and flooring, reflect the project’s new function.  

Adi sales centre interior

As the client and the builder, ADI understood the efficiencies of working with a modular building. 

“By having their new sales centre simply renovated from an existing one that had already gone through the permitting and approval process, time was shortened further on project # 2,” the MDI notes. 


“The building was partially renovated while sitting on its original location while the site development/foundation permits were underway for the next location,” the institute continues.

The three-section structure was set onto pier foundations in just one day, and the newly-modified interior finishes were completed in 10 days. 

Images: Modular Building Institute