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    Odour Control Systems Australia's sewer vent odour filters

    Odour Control Systems Australia

    Odour Control Systems Australia   provide a range of technologies to control odour coming from wastewater related processes and applications.

    The company’s sewer vent odour filters are designed to minimise odour coming from both residential or large industrial sewerage filtration units.

    Drain waste sewer vents are often used in most sewerage systems to ensure unpleasant sewer gases are released outside rather than into the house or building. 

    The company's sewer vent odour filters absorb most odours including hydrogen sulphide from the sewer system. 

    Key benefits of Odour Control Systems Australia sewer vent odour filters include:

    • have replaceable media cartridges 
    • optional extractor fan included 
    • can be installed as a low level filter replacing a conventional tall vent stack 
    • can be easily installed to a range of existing vent stacks

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