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    Using timber to manage acoustics in busy commercial environments

    As the number of vibrant, dynamic commercial spaces increases steadily across the country, designers must grapple with new challenges including the management of noise levels in busy, high-traffic spaces. In response, the acoustics industry has harnessed new technologies to develop innovative acoustic solutions that blend style and functionality. To learn more about the importance of acoustic control and how timber products can be used to manage noise levels, download this free whitepaper.

    Compliance out of the box: Eliminating risk in passive fire protection

    As the Australian construction industry expands, marked growth is particularly evident in the multi-level apartment sector. The effects of this burgeoning market are widespread and in particular the question of fire rating multi-residential apartments has become more complex and been the subject of intense scrutiny. Download this free whitepaper to learn how new technologies make achieving fire ratings quicker and easier than ever, and are eliminating the risk in passive fire protection.

    Fire performance guide to timber cladding

    Timber cladding is an increasingly popular choice for commercial and domestic projects across Australia. In spite of this, its strong fire-resistant qualities are not widely known. To learn more about the fire resistance properties of timber and how these make it the prefect fit for today’s fire conscious Australian construction industry, download this free whitepaper.

    Balancing style & functionality for: Healthy, hygienic bathrooms

    Practicality and aesthetics are two key considerations that must be balanced when designing a healthy, hygienic bathroom, particularly in high traffic commercial environments. To learn best practice for specifying urinals for maximum hygiene, download this free whitepaper.

    Meet the next generation of laminate floors

    Valued for its versatility, ease of maintenance, and resistance to impact, stains, and scratches, laminate has gone from strength to strength in recent years. Today, a new generation of laminate is specifically engineered for performance, functionality, and beauty. Download this free whitepaper to learn how the next generation of high tech laminate floors pose a versatile, sustainable alternative to conventional flooring.

    Reclaiming the rooftop, balcony and terrace: Increasing building values in the sky with pedestal paving systems

    As urban densification continues across Australia, architects and designers are searching for innovative ways to maximise ever-shrinking building footprints. To learn how pedestal paving systems can help transform rooftops, balconies, and terraces into appealing outdoor living spaces, download this free whitepaper.

    Simplifying curved roof construction: Cutting complexity & cost

    Curved roofs are gaining popularity across the country. Though the dramatic profiles and unique aesthetic that they enable are undoubtedly stunning, curved roofs pose a major engineering undertaking. To learn the simplest and most cost-effective means of constructing curved roofs, download this free whitepaper.

    How proper planning can stop your project going down the drain

    Drains are a vital element of any residential or commercial project. When properly installed, drains are effectively out of sight and out of mind, and ensure that important everyday activities using water can be done safely and efficiently. Unfortunately, drain planning is frequently overlooked in the construction process. Download this free whitepaper to learn about the importance of planning drain installations and the key considerations that must be taken into account.

    Beneath the surface: The need for heavy duty underlays for commercial flooring

    As the lines between commercial and residential design and specification blur, carpet is becoming an increasingly popular choice for commercial environments. While this has opened up a breadth of design possibilities in commercial spaces, it does present a unique set of challenges. To learn how carpet underlay can be used to meet the growing demand for durability, comfort, acoustic management, and indoor quality with respect to carpet, download this free whitepaper.

    Sounding the alarm on combustible façades: A new standard and a way forward

    With the growth in high rise apartment blocks across Australia's cities to satisfy the shift towards urban living, the need for better thermal performance, fire safety compliance and ease of installation for curtain wall systems has also increased. To discover how you can meet architectural aesthetics as well as build for Australian Standards compliance, download this free whitepaper.

    A fresh look at dry stone walling: The emergence of modular construction

    One of the oldest methods for constructing walls, fences, and loadbearing facades, dry stone walls has been used in Australia for as long as 6000 years. Traditional dry stone construction is strong, durable, and distinctive, but not without its limitations. To learn how modular construction has made traditional dry stone walling a perfect fit for contemporary projects, download this free white paper.

    Curtain call: How insulated fire curtains mark a New Age of passive fire protection

    Recent high profile fires around the world have made the global construction industry acutely aware of the importance of adequate fire protection. Passive fire protection has become extremely topical, and builders and designers are now investigating new, innovative means of achieving fire protection. Download this free whitepaper to learn how insulated fire curtains can be used to meet the demands of stringent Australian fire protection regulations.

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