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    Durable and Long Lasting Carpet Underlay for Commercial Environments from Dunlop Flooring

    Dunlop Flooring provide a range of durable, long lasting carpet cushions for commercial environments. 

    When it comes to durability and comfort, Dunlop Flooring performs. With frequent foot traffic, it’s important that commercial environments provide carpet that lasts. Dunlop Flooring is leading in the development of re-bonded polyurethane foam carpet cushion and installation systems, having engineered a superior performance carpet underlay for every commercial application, meeting the AS4288 standard.

    Dunlop DB3

    • Dunlop DB3 adds comfort and improves acoustics to modular carpet tiles, PVC-backed carpets and other textile floor coverings in high traffic areas. 
    • Applications: Offices, Education, Retail, Healthcare, Wheel Traffic, Government, Airports, Public Spaces

    Dunlop DB5

    • Dunlop DB5 has been developed to provide exceptional level of durability and support. Ideal in high traffic areas, DB5 works hard to extend carpet life and ensure continued underfoot comfort. 
    • Applications: Offices, Education, Retail, Hotel, Healthcare, Government, Public Spaces, Entertainment.

    Dunlop DB7

    • Dunlop DB7 offers a touch of luxury combined with outstanding durability in high traffic areas. A balance of comfort and performance ensures that it works hard and feels great.  
    • Applications: Hotels, Conference Facilities, Theatres, Restaurants, Bars and Lounges, Public Spaces, Entertainment, Places of Worship.

    Dunlop DB9

    • Dunlop DB9 is a premium Double Bond carpet cushion that offers a luxurious feel as well as incredible durability. Developed for prestigious applications, DB9 is the ultimate commercial carpet cushion. 
    • Applications: Boardrooms, Executive Areas, Auditoriums, Hotel Receptions, Foyers, Theatres, Restaurants, Luxury Units and Apartments. 

    Specialist Range

    • Dunlop AcoustiCushion is a sound choice in carpet underlays. It’s the perfect choice for multi-level residential living because it helps reduce the impact of noise through floors and ceilings by up to 69%, easily surpassing the industry standard set by the Building Code of Australia (BCA).
    • Dunlop Excellay carpet cushion is the best solution for conventional installation in commercial environments. It’s been specially formulated to provide superior underfoot comfort and outstanding durability in high traffic areas. Dunlop Excellay is made from high density, bonded polyurethane foam, so it’s tough and resilient enough to keep bouncing back under continual traffic loads, day after day, year in year out.  
    • Applications: Hotels, Conference Facilities, Theatres, Restaurants, Bars and Lounges, Public Spaces, Entertainment, Places of Worship.
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