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    A fresh look at dry stone walling: The emergence of modular construction

    One of the oldest methods for constructing walls, fences, and loadbearing facades, dry stone walls have been used in Australia for as long as 6000 years. Traditional dry stone construction is strong, durable, and distinctive, but not without its limitations. To learn how modular construction has made traditional dry stone walling a perfect fit for contemporary projects, download this free white paper.

    Curtain call: How insulated fire curtains mark a new age of passive fire protection

    Recent high profile fires around the world have made the global construction industry acutely aware of the importance of adequate fire protection. Passive fire protection has become extremely topical, and builders and designers are now investigating new, innovative means of achieving fire protection. Download this free whitepaper to learn how insulated fire curtains can be used to meet the demands of stringent Australian fire protection regulations.

    Low-emissivity glass coatings explained

    Low-emissivity (low-E) glass comes in many variations to suit different budgets and window performance requirements, including different types of coatings, glazing requirements and performance factors. Australian glass processor Glassworks (Aust.) provides a rundown of the main coatings and glazing options that best suit Australian conditions. To find a comprehensive overview of the most suitable coatings and glazing options for Australian conditions, download this free whitepaper.

    A specifier's guide to structural steel fire protection

    Steel framed construction is gaining popularity in Australia. Favoured for its durability, design flexibility, rapid construction, and resistance to degradation, the construction method is common in large scale, multi-storey projects, where it is necessary to ensure that structural steel is adequately protected against fire. Download this whitepaper to learn best practice for protecting structural steel from fire, smoke, fumes, and heat.

    Discover a new way of plumbing

    Plumbing is an integral part of all new building or renovation projects. Yet in certain applications, the installation of conventional plumbing is difficult or impractical. In light of recent advances in technology, the market now contains a number of innovative products that pose alternatives to conventional plumbing solutions. Download this free whitepaper to learn about the common restrictions that designers and builders may encounter when undertaking plumbing work.

    Hand dryers or paper towels: Considerations for selecting the right option for your washroom

    The debate between hand dryers and paper towels has been ongoing since the advent of modern sanitation technologies. Both methods of hand drying have their benefits and there are certain environments in which one may be more suitable than the other. As such, it is necessary to carefully consider a number of key factors when deciding between the two. To find out more about the considerations for choosing hand dryers or paper towels for your washroom, download this free whitepaper.

    The benefits of lightweight steel for external façades

    The inevitable pressure on building professionals to deliver quality projects within increasingly tight timeframes and budgets can be difficult to relieve when relying on standard materials and construction techniques. Rondo offers industry leading superior lightweight steel systems providing architects with the perfect and unrivalled solution for external façades. Discover the benefits of lightweight steel and Rondo's industry leading systems by downloading this free whitepaper.

    Balancing acoustic performance with design aesthetics

    The term ‘acoustic coverings’ previously called to mind utilitarian acoustic panels that placed functionality above style. Thanks to advances in technology and a fresh outlook on acoustic management, this no longer needs to be the case. Today, the Australian market abounds with acoustic solutions that minimise noise levels and contribute to the overall aesthetics within a space. To learn more about the next generation of decorative acoustic coverings, download this free whitepaper.

    A multi-layered approach: Specifying laminate for interior applications

    As versatile and durable as it is cost-effective, laminate offers unmatched design flexibility. This whitepaper dispels common misconceptions surrounding the material’s use, highlighting the multitude of interior applications for which it is appropriate and setting forth the key considerations that must be taken into account during specification. Download this whitepaper to learn more about how laminate can enhance your next commercial or residential project.

    Construction for a new age of buildings

    As the construction industry continues to expand, architects and builders are exploring new materials and methodologies for delivering fast, efficient construction. Accordingly, construction materials must now meet three key performance criteria: the ability to build at heights, modularity, and design flexibility. To learn more about how PGH and the construction of new age buildings, download this free whitepaper.

    Designing healthcare facilities for quiet and wellbeing

    To find out how noises levels can be addressed in healthcare, download this free whitepaper.

    Faster, simpler, customisable: How prefabrication is revolutionising bathroom design

    To find out how prefabrication is being used in bathroom design, download this free whitepaper.

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