SolarAdapt Glass is an Australian first adaptive glazing film laminated between two panes of safety glass.

Ideal for sustainable projects, it is offered exclusively in Australia from Glassworks.
SolarAdapt employs an innovative Solar Responsive Thermochromic (SRT) technology that uses the sun\\'s own energy to cause the tinting of the window.

As the sun strikes the window it absorbs and adapts the tint level based solely on the amount of direct sunlight, thereby reducing heat gain.

It therefore boasts the unique ability to adjust the level of tint depending on the intensity of the sun, without the need for power.

This results in remarkable energy savings and makes it the perfect fit for sustainable building design.

The laminate is made into an Insulated Glass Unit (IGU) that achieves an unprecedented Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) figure of 0.12 and U-Value of 1.325, whilst providing variable visible light transmission for shade and full sun.

It combines perfectly with the best low-E glass and assists with Green Star ratings.
Design customisation is not limited either, as the film can be applied to any heat treated or toughened glass as specified by the customer.