The Dulux® AcraTex® 962 Roof Membrane coating system has been formulated with specific performance requirements to meet the functional requirements of the roof restoration industry. It is a heavy duty coating which is up to three times thicker than conventional roof paint for ultimate protection and durability. As part of the AcraTex® Professional Roof Restoration System, the 962 System is a professionally applied, water based 100% acrylic coating for roofs that gives a beautiful long lasting finish for your residential project.

Dulux® AcraTex® 962 Roof Membrane offers a range of fashionable colours in a choice of either Conventional or InfraCool® Roof Technology.
Dulux® Cool Roof with InfraCool® Technology is a heat reflective coating that reflects more of the sun\\'s light energy. Dark coloured roofs that are weathered, galvanised and absorb massive amounts of solar radiation which in turn transmit heat into occupancy zones. Dulux® Cool Roofs reflect heat energy in the first instance before it is absorbed, meaning insulation & cooling efficiencies are maximised. Less heat penetration means lower cooling costs and energy consumption. Comparative studies identify cooling energy savings of 20-40% are possible using Cool Roof technology.

For Commercial Projects
In non air-conditioned buildings such as workshops and warehousing, Dulux® AcraTex® Cool Roof White delivers the maximum cooling benefit reflecting over 90% of the sun\\'s energy, providing potential energy savings of between 20%-40% when compared to dark or non-reflective roof surfaces. In air-conditioned building such as offices and residential properties, interior temperatures are significantly reduced, thereby reducing cool costs and improving occupancy comfort. It translates immediately into cooler working and warehousing facilities, improving productivity and the stability of stored goods.

Environmental Benefits with Dulux® Cool Roof Technology
Using Dulux® Cool Roof lowers air conditioning energy consumption and reduces associated greenhouse gases which are good for the environment and for you too. Studies in the US in association with the US EPA have identified the potential of a global cool roof strategy is equivalent to offsetting 24 billion tonnes of CO2 annually.

It doesn\\'t have to be White to be Cool
Dulux® InfraCool® technology is an option for most colours across the AcraTex® 962 Roof Membrane colour range. Additionally, Dulux® has formulated comparable colour matches to most popular roofing tile and colourbond colours.
For more information on Cool Roof with InfraCool® Technology visit www.coolroofcommercial.com.au