Rainwater accumulating on patios, walkways, driveways, the pool area or even the lawn can not only be unsightly but can also be a hazard by becoming slippery.  A practical, stylish and easy-to-install surface water drainage system is a must to tackle the effects of an abundance of surface water from average to heavy rainfall. 

Everhard Industries' is the leader in channel and grate drainage systems with a range to suit the area and the level of rainfall.  

EasyDRAINt channel is a robust surface water drain system that has a depth of 135mm and come in 1 or 3 metre lengths.  Made from tough, recycled UV stabilised polymer, the channel is super light, easy to handle and is available in black, terracotta and sandstone coloured polymer to best suit the surrounds. Matching tee pieces and corners allow the system to be tailored to a range of configurations and the end caps provide a neat finishing point.

The channel can be connected to the stormwater system from the 90mm outlet on the channel's underside or to the end cap which also has a pre-moulded 90mm outlet.  Also now available in black polymer are slim pits that seamlessly integrate the channel into the stormwater system through pre-moulded outlets for joining to 75mm, 90mm and 100mm pvc pipe.  All of these options allow for ease of use and adaptability to a range of situations.  

Joining the EasyDRAINt channel together with the components is an easy click together function or, where male ends need to be connected, through the use of an EasyDRAINt Converter.  These are particularly useful when the channel is trimmed to fit into the designated area and the channel is precast with 200mm segments that facilitate easy cutting and joining.

There are a range of grates to suit the channel and the components to complement many outdoor locations and surroundings.  The polymer grates are available in colours that match the channel and have a wheel load rating of 1.5 tonne making them suitable for driveways.  Other grate options include pressed galvanised steel, pressed stainless steel, galvanised round bar and the EURODESIGN 316 Stainless Steel Heel-friendly grate that also comes in an anti-vandal option.  Manufactured in Australia, these Class A rated grates are made of wedge wire lengths with an aperture of 5mm and a headwidth of 2.9mm to create a stylish finish to many settings. 

A new addition to Everhard's range of surface water drainage products is the shallow profile EasyDRAINt Compact Channel and Grate.  This fills the niche in areas of light rainfall.

Also made from tough, recycled UV stabilised polymer, the channel comes in 1 metre lengths and also has corners to cater for a wide range of situations that require more than just linear drainage.  The channel lengths also join together or with the corner using the easy click together mechanism.  

EasyDRAINt Compact Channel and Grate can also be trimmed to fit the designated area using the precast 200mm segments that facilitate easy cutting and joining.  Pre-moulded outlets suitable for connecting to 75mm, 90mm and 100mm pvc pipe allow seamless integration with the existing stormwater system.   

The EasyDRAINt Compact channel and corners come standard with heel friendly black polymer or pressed galvanised steel, however, the other grates in the EasyDRAINt range are also a great fit.

Innovative in approach, yet simple in design, Everhard has the no-fuss solution for any surface water drainage problem around the home and is available throughout Australia at plumbing supplies retailers and hardware stores.