Superchek is a premium plasterboard manufactured with a denser core and heavy duty facing material. These qualities, combined with a special plaster formulation featuring high levels of recycled material make the board tougher, quieter and greener.


Better resistance to dents and scrapes from things such as furniture and school bags. Compared with standard plasterboard, Gyprock Superchekt requires double the force to impose a discernable surface indentation.


Better sound absorption and less noise transfer for a quieter, more comfortable home. Superchekt provides a 15% reduction in perceived loudness compared to standard plasterboard. When installed in ceilings of multi-storey homes, Superchekt can also reduce noise levels between floors.


Recognised by Good Environmental Choice Australia as a better environmental product for walls and ceilings.

Superchek is manufactured with a high level of recycled material that would otherwise require disposal in landfill. Also, the product is designed to have a durability in use that exceeds conventional plasterboard lining products.
Superchek is ideal for quality residential projects where a quieter, more durable and sustainable, prestige home is desirable.