URBAN Skirt is the ultimate designer finish for your domestic or commercial project. It is a modular metal skirting board system pre-folded with the P50 profile or square set finish.

The mirrored stainless steel is the perfect solution to create a magnificent floating feeling to any floor wall junction as well as floor finish. Its reflective finish highlights stone floor tiles, carpet or timber finishes. It is ideal for wet areas as it is manufactured from stainless steel and is resistant to corrosion.

The unique folded section allows for data and audio cabelling to be simply run to any location on a wall without the need to drill through timber studs or horizontally chase masonry walls, thus reducing the time needed to rough in the electrical component of your project.

Gyprock sheets are simply rested on the top edge of the skirt, creating that perfect flush finish, and once again reducing the time required to set and finish the P50 profile joint.

The URBAN Skirt is a modular system with internal and external corner pieces and end caps which allow the trade to simply adhere the length to the wall frames and site trim to get the perfect finish on every project.

The profiles are available in mirrored and satin stainless steel, as well as ready to paint mild steel.

Powder coated in a finished colour is also available for custom orders.
The standard profile is 80mm high with the option of custom sizes on a project basis.