The solution to EIFS lightweight wall cladding systems

In recent years the use of Lightweight Cladding Systems, as Alternate Solutions in the BCA, has grown but proper system design and installation has not followed. The BCA requires appropriate design and installation controls to qualify any Alternate Solution and ultimate success requires a total system approach integrating Design, Componentry & Installation. 

Dulux AcraTex is a pioneer in the use of EIFS systems, designing and installing systems specifically for insulation benefits as originally used in Europe. 

Exsulite from Dulux AcraTex offers a Single Supply Source for the Total Facade System - from Cladding to Weatherproofing Coating that can protect  surveyors, builders and their clients from the risks of mixed componentry and uncontrolled installation.

Exsulite Trained National Installer Network

An Exsulite Certificate of Installation from a registered Exsulite Installer provides peace of mind that "as built" meets Design Specification.

Integration of System Design, Components and Installation is delivered through Exsulite Trained Installers. It can be verified by their Exsulite Identification Card and Registration number. Project QA Process is a critical element of the Exsulite Total System approach and the Exsulite Installer Network ensures Total Facade System compliance - from Start to Finish.

  • Installer training and ongoing development
  • Registration and verification ID
  • Certificate of installation checklist and QA sign-off 

Compliant to Building Code of Australia CodeMark Certification 

Exsulite is CodeMark certified as a fully integrated Building System in compliance with the Building Code of Australia (Volume 2 Class 1 & Class 10 residential building.) Exsulite CodeMark certification provides building certifier's confidence in total design and componentry and together with an Exsulite Certificate of Installation from an Exsulite Trained Installer confirms "as built" meets design.

CodeMark Certificate of Conformity confirms Exsulite as a Fully Integrated Facade System, complies with the relevant BCA clauses relating to :

  • Structural integrity
  • Energy efficiency
  • Weatherproofing
  • Approved componentry - no substitution. 

The standard Exsulitet System meets BAL 29 (Certificate No. SFC27615) 

Exsulite is certified to BAL29 level for use in bush fire prone areas.

  • AS3959-2009 compliance to (BAL 12.5,19, 29)

Peace of mind with Dulux® AcraTex®

  • Fully BCA compliant, design toInstallation
  • Best practice cavity design
  • Integrated system from wallwrap to weatherproofing coating
  • Dulux Registered and Trained Installer Network
  • "Certificate of Installation" by an Exsulite installer at job completion