Concerns regarding noise levels which expose teaching staff and children in educational facilities to health risks have prompted Pyrotek to develop a new acoustic product.

Pyrotek have created Echohush Cosmo panels, a slotted or design cut-out panel that allows noise energy to pass through the cut-out and be absorbed by the cavity infill, thus enhancing sound quality and reducing internal noise levels.

Echohush Cosmo panels are manufactured from sheet metal and unlike timber or fabric panels, they contain no chemicals and are not affected by moisture. They are robust enough to withstand the smack of a basketball against them and meet the most stringent fire code requirements. 

A recent study identified noise within education areas as a major problem for teachers; with up to 15 to 20 per cent of children identified as highly likely to suffer educational failure or behaviour problems related to poor listening environments.

A case study was completed with Echohush Cosmo panels installed in a school science lab. Acoustic testing showed that the installation of the Echohush panels reduced reverberation in the room from 1.4 seconds to 0.6 seconds at speech critical frequencies. 

With this level of result, the positive impact on the long-term hearing of staff and children was substantial with enhanced speech intelligibility.