Stormtech has been providing inspiring architectural drainage solutions to architects and designers for the last twenty years. Used in bathrooms, showers, thresholds, paved areas, driveways, pools and pool surrounds, Stormtech grates and drains are known for sleek design, innovation and practicality.

Linear drain systems play a vital role in ensuring adequate drainage in internal and external locations. The use of grated drains is very popular in shower recesses, especially in designs using frameless screens and no step downs or hob designs. 

As the pioneer of linear drains in Australia, Stormtech has been a Member of the Standards Australia Committee and involved in the writing of the code covering lineal drainage in bathrooms since 2006.

Stormtech linear drainage systems are made of high quality stainless steel and are manufactured in Australia; the system is modular which means they can be cut, on-site, to different lengths as required, and come in three different standard widths - 38 mm, 65 mm and 100mm. For site specific requirements, custom fabrication is also available. The system connects directly with all standard plumbing fittings and all products have a Watermark Standards Australia International certification. 

Stormtech drains are used by architects and designers in many high-end, award winning residential projects in Australia and internationally. Recent projects include the Cloud House and Satori.

For interior applications in the bathroom and other wet rooms linear stainless steel grates of the AR, PS and PH Series create an aesthetically pleasing solution to the traditional grated drain as they are narrow profile and high efficiency drainage systems. They are available as a modular system with PVC or stainless steel channel or as a made to measure system that will be manufactured to specific lengths. The TIF Series (Tile Insert Frame) is designed to blend the drainage system perfectly with any chosen solid floor surface. The SQ Series is a more traditional square drain, available with an architectural wedgewire grate or a tile inset frame.

To create a seamless integration of interior and exterior areas to satisfy the growing trend of bringing the outside in, Stormtech's Threshold Series allows to have a zero stepdown. With integrated concealed box sections stopping rainwater entering the house, this drainage system is of special importance to protect timber flooring. 

For outdoor areas the Special Assembly series has been developed for high capacity drainage needs, providing greater flexibility in landscape and pool design. The system utilises a UPVC channel connected via downpipes at 200mm interval to sockets in the drain pipe below and is then completed with a stylish stainless steel grate. For stormwater run-off and surface water drainage around driveways, paved areas, or garden edges, the Slot Drain features a 25mm opening, draining into a concealed 90mm drainpipe and can now be completed with a stainless steel grate.