Energy efficiency has become one of the primary considerations for Australian homeowners, architects and designers. With the growing availability of products that not only meet that demand but push sustainability credentials much further, the appetite for comfortable and environmentally responsible dwellings is higher than ever.

Forster Unico system from TPS is a prime example of a product that combines the latest technology, thermal insulation capabilities, and ecological use of materials to significantly limit its environmental impact for years to come.

The thermally broken steel framing system is made entirely of steel and is available as doors, awning windows, fixed glazing and turn or tilt windows.

Designed for maximum energy conservation, the ground-breaking system offers a significant point of difference over other thermal broken steel, aluminium or timber systems in the market. A true expression of TPS’s environmental vision, Forster Unico is the first-ever thermally insulated profile system made entirely of steel - without the use of any synthetic insulating materials, like plastic or fibreglass. As a single material product made entirely with steel, the system is 100% recyclable. That means at the end of its life it can be fully recycled rather than ending up in the landfill.

The ability to be fully recycled positions Unico as an incomparable proposition in the market. The system will elevate the environmental credentials of any building for thousands of years to come - both through its high energy efficiency profile during the life of the building and at the end of its life when the system can be recycled, leaving no waste behind.

The system is available in the standard Unico, UnicoHi, and Unico XS options. UnicoHi uses the same profiles as standard Unico, but due to a different seal combination can provide superior thermal insulation performance than the base level profile.

Beyond its excellent energy efficiency and sustainability credentials, the system incorporates an array of safety features. It achieves a -/30/- fire resistance level, meeting the Australian Building Code requirements for glazing in Flame Zone bushfire areas. It also offers burglar resistance and achieves ballistic ratings as high as R1 for a variety of door, windows and screen combinations.

Available in mild and stainless steel, and finished with paint, powder coating or hot-dip galvanising, this modern system can increase the visual appeal of any interior. The sleek design offers a facing width of frames between 30 and 90mm with the extremely slim profile flooding interiors with light.

With advanced technology and minimal environmental impact, Unico is a perfect choice for any future-forward homeowner, architect and designer who wants to create a comfortable, environmental house that uses less energy - and has a smaller ecological impact even after it’s gone.

For more information, visit Unico Framing System.