When it comes to insulation, performance matters. But as any designer or specifier knows, verifying the credentials of individual products – let alone all the products in a job – is an impossible task. This is why third-party certifications are essential in the modern construction industry, and play an important role in assuring compliance with Australia’s construction codes.

Bondor Metecno’s expansive portfolio of Insulated Sandwich Panels (ISPs) are widely used in roof and wall applications across all manner of building types: temperature-controlled facilities, commercial and industrial buildings, agricultural structures, and residential properties. As Australia's sole manufacturer, distributor, and installer of ISPs using the most globally accepted insulating core materials (EPS-FR, Mineral Wool, and Polyisocyanurate), Bondor Metecno offers unparalleled expertise.

Products across the Bondor Metecno range are certified across multiple schemes - but here, we’ll focus on three of the most significant.

Environmental Product Declaration

Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) have assumed a position of paramount importance for architects and construction professionals at the vanguard of sustainable building practices. These meticulously crafted documents serve as a vital instrument, offering a granular cradle-to-gate assessment of a product's environmental impact throughout its entire lifecycle. EPDs encompass each stage of a product's existence, meticulously dissecting environmental factors from raw material extraction and production to transportation, use, and ultimate disposal.

Bondor, in a resolute commitment to environmental transparency, has embraced EPDs to meticulously assess the environmental impact of their ISP products. Bondor offers EPDs across a range of products, including:

  • Insulated Wall Panels with non-combustible Mineral Wool
  • Insulated Roof and Wall Panels with a Fire-Retardant EPS
  • Insulated Roof and Wall Panels with PIR Core
  • Rigid Insulation Board with PIR Core

Developed in partnership with Edge Environment, these EPDs equip architects with a comprehensive dataset, empowering them to make informed and ecologically sound design choices.

CodeMark Accreditation

The CodeMark™ Certification Scheme ensures building products within the Australian construction industry meet the rigorous standards of the Building Code of Australia (BCA). By adhering to these stringent guidelines, Bondor Metecno fosters an environment of unparalleled consumer confidence and assures seamless legislative acceptance by building authorities throughout the nation.

Bondor Metecno regards CodeMark™ certification as the epitome of verifiable compliance under the BCA, a testament to their unwavering commitment to quality and dedication to surpassing the industry benchmark.

To underscore their dedication to building excellence, Bondor Metecno holds a remarkable 15 CodeMark™ certificates. Each certificate meticulously assesses and verifies an array of vital product properties, encompassing structural integrity, fire resistance, energy efficiency, acoustic performance, and long-term weatherability.

GreenRate™ certification

GreenRate™ certificates represent a robust commitment to sustainable practices within the built environment. These certifications signify that products and materials have met rigorous environmental standards, offering a clear and reliable metric for assessing their eco-friendliness.

Whether considering insulation, construction materials, or other building components, a GreenRate certificate signals a focus on reducing environmental impact, improving energy efficiency, and promoting overall sustainability. For architects, builders, and consumers committed to making responsible choices, GreenRate serves as a valuable tool promoting a greener future.

For 70 years, Bondor Metecno has led Australia’s ISP industry, delivering comprehensive thermal building solutions. ISPs offer exceptional structural integrity, thermal performance, and streamlined installation – qualities essential for achieving carbon neutrality in contemporary construction. Their ongoing investment includes nine nationwide manufacturing facilities and a NATA-accredited research and testing centre in Brisbane.

Bondor Metecno's commitment to these rigorous certifications reinforces their position as a trusted leader in Australia's construction industry, providing architects and specifiers with the assurance they need to make sustainable building choices.