The Sustainability Awards' Best of the Best category recognises the pinnacle of Australian achievement in sustainable design and construction. Last year's winner, Ferrars & York, stands as a testament to the transformative power of sustainable principles in multi-residential dwellings.

Enabled by HIP V. HYPE and designed by Six Degrees Architects, Ferrars & York isn't just an apartment building; it's a blueprint for responsible urban living. Situated in bustling South Melbourne, it prioritises low-impact housing without sacrificing comfort or design excellence.

The project champions a "Better Apartment Living" framework, emphasising energy efficiency, social equity, and long-term value creation. This translates into tangible features like a 100 percent electric design, high energy ratings (averaging 8.6 stars with one apartment achieving a stellar 9.3), and a rooftop solar panel system generating enough power for the entire building.

Ferrars & York fosters a vibrant community atmosphere. Open walkways connect residents, while a communal rooftop space offers stunning city views and a social hub. Sustainable principles are evident in every detail, from energy-efficient appliances to recycled materials.

This project isn't just about creating sustainable dwellings; it's about creating a sustainable future. Ferrars & York tackles urban sprawl by offering high-density housing in an established neighbourhood, providing families with more sustainable living options.

Ferrars & York's success story is a powerful inspiration. It demonstrates that beautiful, comfortable, and sustainable living are not mutually exclusive.

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