Human consumption of single use products continues to escalate. This is particularly true of plastic bottles, which are increasingly becoming a problem as the “on-the-go” culture of consumerism spreads around the world. Over a million plastic bottles are purchased around the world every minute, a figure that is predicted to jump by 20 per cent in the next three years. 


Rather than let these single-use products end up in landfill, as is often the case, and in lieu of a dramatic decrease in our rates of consumption, ensuring that these plastic products are recycled is critical. EchoPanel® and Mura™, a range of acoustic interior finishes, from Woven Image, takes this idea one step further. Coming from a position of understanding that recycling single-use products to produce more of the same is not the best use of this technology. Instead, EchoPanel®, which is produced from 60 per cent post-consumer PET waste – highlights the benefits of upcycling, converting single-use products into an aesthetic, effective, and long-lasting acoustic product and reducing reverberant noise while adding colour and style to any space. Across 2017/18, EchoPanel® production has diverted 594.2 tonnes of PET waste from landfill, a figure up 25 per cent from 2016/17, thus bringing the total amount of PET diverted to 3552 tonnes – or 104 million plastic bottles – since the product went to market in 2004.


Woven Image’s efforts in this area have resulted in an acoustic panelling (and wallcovering portfolio) that is both environmentally friendly and versatile. EchoPanel® is suitable for wall panelling, partitioning, feature wall tiling or as a replacement for existing textile-covered panels in a variety of commercial settings. A pinnable surface makes them ideal for workstation applications and a consistent colour is maintained throughout the entire panel. Furthermore, as it is free of any adhesives, EchoPanel® achieves Global GreenTag™ certification (Green Rate: Level A) in addition to the Maximum Product Health Declaration™: Platinum Health for EchoPanel® and Mura™ plain colours. Much like the PET from which they are manufactured, EchoPanel® is 100 per cent recyclable and reusable in it’s end of life, and Woven Image offer a take back program to ensure their embodied energy remains effective for new products. 


The EchoPanel® range is available in combination with Woven Image’s already large portfolio of self-adhesive acoustic tiles for ease of installation, and is supplied in three thicknesses in order to maximise their effectiveness in a variety of uses: 7, 12 and 24mm. Furthermore, while already available in a multitude of colours produced using environmentally friendly, UV-resistant pigment inks, Woven Image have just launched seven new in-trend colours to the range.


For more information on Woven Image and EchoPanel® and Mura™, visit their website today.