When it comes to rainwater tanks and wastewater management, few companies are as established and knowledgeable as Kingspan Water & Energy. As the largest manufacturer of rainwater tanks in Australia, the company understands that rainwater harvesting is an essential component of sustainable development and can help meet elevated aesthetic and performance standards. Over the years, Kingspan has earned a global reputation for reliability, toughness, and quality, and has established itself as an Australian leader in the design and manufacturing of residential, commercial and rural tanks. This expertise in rainwater harvesting and storage is bolstered by over 60 years of experience in wastewater treatment for both commercial and residential applications.

For over 80 years, Kingspan have proudly supplied a broad range of Australian-made long lasting, high quality water tanks and accessories for local homes and businesses. With manufacturing facilities in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Perth, Kingspan has complete control over every aspect of their tanks from manufacturing to installation. Since acquiring Rhino Tanks in 2017, Kingspan has remained faithful to the brand’s Australian heritage and ensured that all tanks and their major components are still made and fabricated in Australia. The full Rhino range – including the Kingspan Rhino INFINITY Liner – is fabricated in Kingspan’s Western Australia factory, ensuring the utmost degree of quality control.

Below, we explore the key characteristics that set Kingspan Water & Energy products and systems apart from the competition.


A rigorous design process and comprehensive innovation agenda ensures that all Kingspan products and systems meet real needs with a high degree of sophistication and creativity. For example, Kingspan’s unique High-flow filter, an Australian first, is specially designed to address concerns of overflow from traditional tank filter baskets during heavy rainfall. The High-flow captures high rainwater flows directly from the roof in commercial and residential environments, and channels this to stormwater without spillage. The High-flow has the ability to handle water collection from an entire roof area, and can handle four times the volume of water when compared to other standard tank filters.

The Kingspan Water & Energy focus on innovation is also evident in the Evolution MkIII pump. The revolutionary pump uses high performance sensor technology to provide high-pressure, filtered rainwater and automatically switches to a mains water supply in the event of a power failure or rainwater shortage in the tank. The Evo MkIII avails of Grundfos electric pumps – some of the most reliable pumps in the world. Installation time is cut in half if you order a Kingspan tank with the Evo MkIII. The whole unit fits neatly on top and inside of the tank (instead of the wall) as an integrated unit. improving the overall appearance of the whole system.

Similarly, the Kingspan drive toward innovation is reflected in the company’s manufacturing processes, which include full customisation of their range of made to measure corrugated steel water tanks. The skilled Kingspan manufacturing team fabricates all tanks according to the exact dimensions and shape required by customers, ensuring that the right tank is provided for any space. These extensive customisation capabilities – which are unmatched by any other water tank manufacturer – ensure that Kingspan remains ahead of the competition at every turn.


As high performance as they are innovative, all Kingspan water tanks meet the relevant Australian Standards. Water tanks within Kingspan’s made to measure range are fully compliant with AS4020 and are best practice certified in accordance with IS9001 and meet the stringent Watermark government standards for water products in Australia; beyond this, they offer a 10-year construction warranty and 20-year warranty against corrosion. Kingspan Rhino tanks are ISO 9001 certified and supplied with a 20-year conditional warranty. All Kingspan tanks are engineer certified to Australian standards.

Reiterating their focus on high performance, holistic management systems, the Kingspan BioDisc® Wastewater Treatment Plant is favoured around the world for its unrivalled efficiency and sustainability. Offering the lowest energy consumption in its product class, the noise-free and odourless tank is appropriate for domestic and commercial environments alike. A fully removable lid allows for easy de-sludging and maintenance, while durable construction and premium materials enable minimal service requirements.

Custom capabilities

Kingspan’s custom manufacturing capabilities are evident in their made to measure range, which includes water tank solutions for residential and commercial applications alike. Tanks within this custom range are available in four different shapes – Slimline, Modline, Round, and Square – and in capacities ranging from 560L to 29 000L. They can be specified with a galvanised finish or in any Colorbond colour. Designers and homeowners wishing to specify a Kingspan custom water tank can use Kingspan’s “Size-a-lator” web tool, a design aid that streamlines the specification process to six easy steps and provides a comprehensive project quote.

Learn more about Kingspan and view their full range of innovative products and systems at kingspan.com.au/water.

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