The raft of industry sustainability certification programs can make it difficult to determine the most reliable source for accurate, up to date product information. This is especially the case given that “greenwashing” – the misrepresentation of sustainability credentials, deliberately or otherwise – is an increasingly common problem for consumers and manufacturers seeking to understand or promote responsible, sustainable production. 


In engaging with the whole lifecycle of textile products, Woven Image has always sought to operate in a responsible, sustainable, and innovative way that ensures that their products do not contribute to future environmental problems upon reaching the end of their useful life. Woven Image relies on Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) and Global GreenTag™ to legitimise their efforts in these areas; both certifications are reliable means of reporting quantifiable lifecycle performance information of their products and services against established international standards.

When asked about the reasons behind pursuing EPDs and Global GreenTag™ certification over other industry programs, Woven Image Environmental Specialist Danielle Van Asperen noted that EPDs developed in compliance with EN16804 and verified by a reliable third party were a valuable means of ensuring recognisability by sustainability rating schemes across the globe. Van Asperen added that Global GreenTag™ offered similar benefits in regards to Product Health Declarations (PHDs), “providing ingredient transparency and supporting environmental and social sustainability through the building wellness movement.”


As a globally recognised, all-encompassing certification scheme with comprehensive reporting procedures, Global GreenTag™ is a noteworthy tool for consumers and manufacturers alike seeking to verify PHDs, Life Cycle Analyses, and EPDs. In Australia, GreenTag™ is recognised by the Green Building Council for Green Star ‘Sustainable Product’ credits, along with the Infrastructure Sustainability rating tool and the Urban Development Institute of Australia’s EnviroDevelopment Program.

Woven Image has recently recertified EchoPanel® with GreenTag™, achieving the maximum Green rate Leve A and Platinum Health Declaration – a certification bestowed only to products that contain no ingredients that pose health risks to humans and the environment alike, thus protecting the planet’s diversity and minimising climate change. EchoPanel® is manufactured using 60 per cent post-consumer PET waste; since entering the market in 2004, the product has seen the conversion of 104 million single-use plastic bottles into acoustic panels. EchoPanel® maintains its complete reusability and recyclability up to the end of its life, with a take back scheme offered by Woven Image allowing simple, environmentally-friendly disposal.

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