Participating in the 2024 Sustainability Awards can significantly boost your project’s recognition and credibility in the sustainable building industry. Winning an award not only highlights your commitment to sustainability but also places you among the leaders in innovative and eco-friendly design. By carefully preparing your submission and understanding what the judges are looking for, you can greatly enhance your chances of success.


Here are seven vital strategies to help you craft a compelling entry and potentially take home a prestigious award:

1. Select the Appropriate Category

The 2024 Sustainability Awards feature a diverse range of categories to celebrate various aspects of sustainable design and construction. From residential and commercial projects to groundbreaking products and extraordinary professionals dedicated to sustainability, there is a category to suit every innovation. Carefully review each category's specific criteria to ensure your project aligns perfectly. Choosing the right category is crucial as it ensures your entry is judged on relevant grounds, increasing its appeal to the evaluators. 

2. Understand Competition Conditions

Before you begin your submission, make sure you fully understand the competition's requirements. This includes the format of submissions, maintaining anonymity if necessary, adhering to deadlines, and meeting specific deliverable requirements. Familiarise yourself with the judging panel and their areas of expertise, as well as the assessment criteria. This knowledge will help you tailor your submission to meet and exceed expectations.


3. Exceed the Brief

To stand out, aim to exceed the brief’s requirements. Analyse the brief thoroughly and ensure your design addresses every aspect comprehensively. Then, add innovative and sustainable elements that go beyond the basic requirements. Judges are looking for creativity and excellence, so showcasing how your project pushes boundaries can make a significant impact.

4. Focus on Presentation

The way you present your entry is just as important as the content itself. Use clear, high-quality images and concise, effective text to communicate your concept. Take extra time to provide images that comply with the recommended size and format, noting all photography credits. A well-organised, visually appealing presentation can capture the judges' attention and make your project more memorable. Highlight key points clearly and ensure your presentation is easy to follow.


5. Seek External Feedback

Before submitting, get feedback from someone who wasn’t involved in the project. Fresh perspectives can reveal areas for improvement that you might have missed. Constructive criticism can help you refine your submission, enhancing its clarity and impact.

6. Adhere to Lodgement Requirements

Pay close attention to all submission requirements to avoid disqualification. For the 2024 awards, projects must have been completed between 1 July, 2023 and 30 June, 2024. Ensure your entry is submitted on time, follows the specified format, and includes all necessary documentation for the jury to make an assessment of your entry and its suitability for the category. 

7. Check Eligibility

Verify your eligibility early in the process. To be eligible to enter the 2024 Sustainability Awards entrants must be a resident of Australia and have been working in the country for 12 months or more. With the exception of the International Design category, projects must be located in Australia. For individual nominations, ensure all team members meet the necessary residency credentials, whether you are architects, builders, or designers. Confirming your eligibility prevents potential issues and ensures a smooth submission process.


To start your entry visit the Sustainability Awards website

View the Category Criteria.