Luxmate Professional lighting management system for daylight-based control of artificial lighting is part of Madrid’s new landmark, the Torre Espacio – one of the four impressive office skyscrapers, Cuatro Torres.

223 metres high, the Torre Espacio (Space Tower), designed by architects Pei Cobb and Reid-Fenwick, offers a good view of the city.

Torre Espacio, Madrid/ES

  • Client: Grupo Vilar Mir., Madrid/ES
  • Architect: Pei Cobb, Madrid/ES, Reid-Fenwick, Madrid/ES
  • Lighting solutions: Luxmate Professional lighting management system

The building developers and architects set great store by highly flexible interior fixtures and fittings as well as a high level of user-friendliness.

Zumtobel Lighting’s  Luxmate professional lighting management system made it possible to achieve a good balance between these important requirements.

The Luxmate professional lighting management system comprising more than 150 different modules allows customised adaptation to cater for any preferences in terms of building management.

The TLM daylight sensor is used in the Torre Espacio to provide for efficient daylight-based control of artificial lighting and blinds. To achieve this, the daylight sensor installed on the roof monitors the prevailing outdoor lighting situation, such as direct and diffuse sunlight, direction of sunlight and daylight intensity.

The necessary illumination output is determined from this data, according to which all the luminaires and blinds are controlled. Manual operation by the users is also possible at any time.

As most of the floor space in the tower will be rented, flexibility in terms of room layout is important. The Luxmate professional lighting management system makes this perfectly feasible.

The individually addressable luminaires can be reassigned to new groups and various lighting scenes as required, without any additional installation work. More than 4,200 modern EnOcean wireless light switches were installed in order to provide an even greater degree of flexibility as far as interior design is concerned.

This advanced light switch technology allows wireless, battery-free control of luminaires via wireless sensors. The installed system comprises more than 13,500 addressable luminaires and 4,500 blinds.

Apart from daylight-based control, the lighting management system provides good night-time façade illumination, which makes sure that even when it is dark, the Torre Espacio continues to be a new landmark of Madrid. Construction of the office tower will be completed in August 2008. Furthermore the project has been nominated for the DALI Award.