In the Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant in Munich, more than 30 Sconfine Sfera pendant luminaries, available from Zumtobel Lighting , show their flexibility and elegance in an ideal interplay of light, shadow and emotions.

The Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) restaurant in Munich was opened in mid-may.

The two-storey branch of the US fast food-chain features transparent façade, modern construction materials and plenty of glass.

Within just a few months, construction of the modern building – a project of RH Immobilien Management GmbH – located in the vicinity of the Olympia Shopping Center, was completed.

Red upholstery, a bar island inviting customers to sit down, flat screens, a large terrace as well as a ten-metre children’s slide provide reasons to stay.

The Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant is suffused with light at any time of day or night, due to 33 Zumtobel spherical pendant luminaires providing an inviting and design-oriented atmosphere.

The building was designed by the famous architect Matteo Thun, in collaboration with whom Zumtobel also developed their new Sconfine luminaire range.

The spherical pendant luminaires provide an ideal lighting effect due to their partly transparent luminaire unit with chrome coating. Besides directly emitted light, light is reflected inside the luminaire unit, making it seem to float.

The lamps or the LED module is visibly located in the spherical luminaire unit. Due to the lighting effect described above, the 33 pendant luminaries illuminate every nook and cranny of the KFC restaurant extending 80 metres and including approximately 140 seats.