The original design of the Zipbolt which is now known as the Classic was the Winner of the Interzum Award Best of the Best in 2005 in Germany, an international panel of judges recognised the significance of the design breakthrough. It could be said that the essence of the innovation in Zipbolt is the ability and freedom to drive the connector at a right angle; this then gives the speed and ease of use of the product.

Building onto the original design concept of Zipbolt the next step was to integrate the gears into the housing and by using a universal tool (Allen key or hex bit) the whole connector becomes much more user friendly. This improvement was again placed in front of a panel of judges in Germany resulting in Zipbolt’s second international award. Zipbolt UT was awarded the Red Dot Design Award 2007 and is now listed on the Red Dot website and is featured in the year book.

Zipbolt’s product range is continuing to expand. The innovation has allowed for further product development suited to more industries and the ability for variations in current models.

New models in 2008

New models set for release in early 2008 will include a range for the stair building industry,

  • Zipbolt UT Maxi Mitre
  • Zipbolt UT Half Mitre Lagbolt
  • Super UT Newel Post Fastener

Two new versions of the Mini UT will also be released, they are a 12.5mm profile connector suitable for joining slim panels and bench tops as well as a quick locking knock down connector.

Zipbolt’s motivation for product design development is brought about by user demands and needs.