Another member of the Zipbolt connector family is the KD or Knock Down connector.

The KD is suitable to most kinds of right angle jointing such as rails to table legs in furniture or general joinery.

The Zipbolt UT KD versions are available in 2 sizes, the KD Maxi 8x90mm and the KD Midi 6x90mm.

The KD Maxi 8x90mm and the KD Midi 6x90mm are suited to minimum 25mm board and solid timber such as the legs of a dining table or even billiard table.

How it works

The rail is prepared by boring a 35mm hole into the inside face then a horizontal hole (7mm or 10mm) is bored through the end to meet up with the 35mm hole, once this is done the gear housing is simply dropped into the 35mm hole and the shaft or bolt is passed through and engaged with the housing, this member is now ready for joining.

The other member can be the leg or post, a hole is simply bored (10mm or 12mm) to accept the powerful insert screw and it is driven in with a hex or Allen key so that it is flush with the surface of the material.

Using the UT technology simply bring the two members together and drive the shaft into the insert screw with a hex bit in a cordless drill or Allen key.


The joint is instant and strong, out tests show that it accepts 10 Newton Metres of torque and it can be used in conjunction with glue or dowels.


The first advantage is that the UT drive allows the user to quickly and easily pull the joint together with a power drill with no restrictions.

All holes can be prebored and the assembly can take part on the site quickly and easily and still be strong.

UT drive also it can be disassembled and it is suitable for DIY.

In the workshop situation if using a glue it is not necessary to use external clamps which take time to position and could damage the work, also this means that the job can immediately proceed to the next phase, for example onto the polish shop or even can be transported.

Drilling templates

Drilling templates or jigs are available if machinery is not an option, this of course makes site work possible or DIY jobs.

Zipbolt UT KD Connectors are a strong alternative to dowelling, lamello or mortise and tenon joints for general furniture, shopfitting and joinery.