Zipbolt UT 85mm benchtop connector makes fast and easy work of joining benchtops by using a cordless drill and a simple hex driver bit.

Place the Zipbolt UT 85mm benchtop connector on the bit, raise into position and pull the trigger.

Trials conducted have concluded that using Zipbolts in a 3 bolt joint will save 12-15 minutes of time in jointing, weighing time saved versus bolt cost there is no doubt the user is way in front and in addition the comfort of doing the job.

Zipbolt UT 85mm benchtop connector was awarded the Reddot Design Award in Germany 2007.

Zipbolt UT 85mm benchtop connector

  • Benchtop manufacturers now have the opportunity to offer the Zipbolt UT to their customers and make it easy to install their benchtops
  • Installers will become more productive
  • Kit Kitchen manufacturers can make it easy for the DIY person to install the kitchen
  • Cabinetmakers doing their own installation will be quicker and more efficient

Zipbolt UT Connectors are available from Zipbolt.