Zip Heaters  offers a versatile range of wall mounted water chillers delivering deliciously chilled filtered water.  

Ideal for public areas including airports, colleges and hospitals, Zip Chill Fountain water chillers are available in single or twin bowl configurations to suit adults, children or wheelchair users.  

Designed to deliver up to 140 glasses of chilled filtered water per hour, the AS1428 approved water chillers are equipped with deep stainless steel bowls featuring robust easy-to-use bump-action electronic controls designed for use by people with physical disabilities.

Zip Chill Fountain water chillers come with a choice of five micron or sub-micron filters, concealed with the chilling unit behind secure lockable stainless steel access panels. The filter should be selected based on the type of water available.

A filter change reminder light indicates when filter replacement is due for the wall mounted chilled water systems.