Based on figures from the Sydney Festival 2011, Zip Heaters predicts that more than 40,000 litres of water will be consumed by guests at Sydney Festival 2012.

The boiling and chilled water systems provider will be supplying reusable bottles and filtered water at the festival with guests able to use the free, refillable bottles, rather than pay for a bottle that can be used just once.

David King, Zip Industries’ Marketing Services Manager explained that Zip Industries provided 30,000 litres of water at the 2011 Sydney Festival and the water service was extremely popular, with guests appreciating the gesture of being offered a free drink.

“We expect the 2012 event to require at least another 10,000 litres so we’ve produced 35,000 reusable bottles for distribution at Zip water stations, and will also provide water at other stations throughout the event,” Mr King said.

Zip Industries is a principal sponsor of the Sydney Festival 2012 and predicts the increase in water consumption is likely because an increasing number of people prefer reusable bottles to be environmentally friendly.

Additionally, the expanding Sydney Festival 2012 program will attract more people as will the warm weather with people celebrating summer in the city.

More information on the range of instant boiling and chilled water systems is available from Zip Heaters.