Zip introduces the new HydroTap G4 range, the most intelligent filtered drinking water appliance ever invented for the workplace.

The latest addition to the Zip family of taps helps save time, energy and money every single day.

For healthier drinking, the HydroTap G4 now filters your water 25 times finer than before. The 0.2 micron filter is the most advanced and most practical water filtration system and was developed to meet Zip’s exacting specifications. The filter delivers crystal-clear, better-tasting water on tap. It filters out the chlorine taste and odour, lead and other impurities which can be as small as one five-thousandth of a millimetre. It also reduces the accumulation of mineral scale in boiling water appliances.

Other features of the new G4 range include an adjustable water temperature and two different finger controls for fast cup filling and hands-free pot filling. Boiling water can be between 100°c to 68°c with chilled between 5°c and 14°c.

New under-bench command centres are more compact than ever before and have all connection points at the rear to make neat installation simpler. A front access door makes changing the filtration cartridge as simple and quick as changing a light bulb.

The entire system is energy efficient with low-energy lights for signalling that boiling water is ready, to the system powering off after two hours of non-use, exceeding Australian Building Code requirements.

Advanced insulation and electronics technology of the command centre reduces standby energy consumption by up to 55% over earlier Zip models of similar capacity.

It leads the world in time-saving, energy-saving technology, helping to support company sustainability aims as never before, by conserving water and energy.

The Zip HydroTap G4 is ideal for board rooms, in kitchens, at work or even at home.

Whether you want boiling, chilled, sparkling or filtered water, all can be delivered instantly with the world’s most advanced drinking water appliance.