Zip Heaters Australia  manufactures and distributes instant boiling water heaters and chilled water systems for home and office needs. The water heaters supplied by Zip Heaters Australia have a wide variety of application in restaurants, hotels, factories, canteens, offices and in homes. 

Instant boiling water heaters from Zip Heaters Australia provide a time and energy conserving solution for boiling water at the touch of a tap. Zip Heaters Australia has constantly developed and refined its water heating systems through innovative product engineering strategies. The water heating and boiling solutions from Zip Heaters Australia are now available in more than thirty countries.

Zip Hydroboil and Zip HydroTap manufactured by Zip Heaters Australia received the Design Award for engineering design from Standards Australia for 1991. Zip Heaters Australia provides quality after sales service to its clients through the Preventive Maintenance Programme. By using this programme, clients can minimise the need for unplanned service calls and reduce the cost of spare parts. Experienced technicians from Zip Heaters Australia directly service their appliances.