Zinc FX  used commercial vinyl and matt laminate to execute a striking design for the presentation counter of a demonstration kitchen at the new Advantage Commercial Kitchens showroom.

A leading commercial kitchen designer and installer, Advantage Commercial Kitchens has a well-established presence in the Australian commercial catering equipment market. ACK is headed by Peter Santiago who employs a dedicated team of ex-chefs and professional sales people to provide the right kind of advice to customers.

Advantage Commercial Kitchens (ACK) recently held the official launch of their stunning new showroom with a full-sized operational kitchen. The showroom is designed to provide the ultimate touch and feel experience for their clients drawn from large-scale restaurants and manufacturing sites, wholesale food production facilities and boutique cafes, as well as offices and retail spaces.

The successful implementation of customer focussed designs by ACK ensures the operator a smooth-running, efficient kitchen. A cleverly designed and well-built kitchen equips the business operator with the essential tools to satisfy their clients while ensuring productive workflow and safety of the catering staff under the daily pressure of a busy service.

The design brief for the fully operational demonstration kitchen in Brunswick included an extensive presentation counter wrapped in vinyl, and topped with stone and stainless steel, which called for a unique solution to seamlessly decorate the entire front of the counter while also complementing the overall facility.

The final design by Bill Sayers was chosen to provide an engaging focal point forming the central feature of the entire showroom. Highly suggestive of metal fabrication, the original abstract design featured intersecting bends and folds punctuated by far reaching ‘sparks’.

The colour blue, reflecting the corporate colours of many equipment fabricators and suppliers including ACK was also an important element of the design. In addition to complementing stainless steel very well, the counter's varying shades of blue highlighted the branding on the combi ovens, fryers, ranges, grill plates, dishwashers and commercial refrigeration.

Managing Director, Peter Santiago suggested that the counter be presented in a way that inspired creativity from the outset, while communicating to clients the sheer versatility of Advantage Kitchens’ solutions. 

General Manager Max Corazzi sought to utilise cost effective materials to evoke a high level of interest from potential and existing clients. 

Zinc FX provided almost 15m² of hi-grade commercial vinyl and matt laminate. Easy to apply, the heavy duty vinyl provided excellent surface coverage over the bare MDF panels.

Zinc FX’s vinyl is a highly durable surface and extremely suitable for public venues where its impact resistance and almost maintenance-free qualities facilitate easy cleaning of everyday marks.