What does NET Zero mean for the building industry?

As the world moves towards more eco-friendly and energy-efficient construction solutions, the Green Home concept is gaining momentum for its ability to reduce impact on the environment as well as save money for the home’s occupants through lower consumption of energy. In step with global trends, Australia is also moving towards green building as green practices become more mainstream and NET Zero homes gain more support.

Home designers, architects and builders are already seeking out new and creative ways to insulate their homes and create energy-efficient interior environments. With the rising demand for highly efficient green home products, the concept of NET Zero construction will open up the market for alternatives such as Insulated Concrete Forms or ICFs. ICF walls, for instance, are extremely durable and energy efficient and offer the perfect technology for use in NET Zero homes.

What is a NET Zero home?

A NET Zero home consumes less energy than it produces. By incorporating highly efficient insulation methods, using sustainable and energy efficient materials that enable onsite power generation as well as implementing solar passive design, architects and designers are creating self-sustaining homes that reduce energy consumption and deliver significant benefits to the occupants.