Green living is the big trend for 2020. The ongoing conversation on climate change has triggered a popular transformation, with people wanting to be more environmentally responsible moving forward.

Amidst discussions on rising temperatures and potential changes in building regulations after the devastating bushfires in Australia, the trend for green living is seeing a greater demand for more energy efficient dwellings suited to the Australian climate while Aussies also become more sustainability-conscious within their homes.

Property market experts predict that energy efficient dwellings will be in demand amongst potential buyers who are aware about the impact of such houses on the environment as well as their energy bills. More eco-friendly houses that are better suited to the climate will be built in the coming decade as prospective buyers demand energy efficient, well designed and smartly oriented buildings.

Governments across Australia will embrace the green living trend by changing building regulations to create more energy efficient housing. Though a new National Construction Code was adopted in May 2019, the energy efficiency requirements were not changed, with the ‘6 Star’ minimum standard for standalone homes remaining despite the overwhelming increase in heating and cooling and energy costs.

With more energy efficient and fire resistant building system alternatives available in Australia such as ZEGO Building Systems, green living, sustainability and fire safety can be easily and affordably achieved following the trends in the US and Europe.