ZC Technical supplied the spectacular zinc domes for the Serbian Orthodox Church of Holy Trinity, working with the church and the architects to understand their specific requirements. Completed in 2013, the refurbishment project led by SIA Architects required roof domes to be created for the church.

Being very proud of its history and architectural heritage, the Church of Holy Trinity was insistent that the metal chosen for the roof domes must not change in colour after installation. When creating domes from metal, the substructure is complex and there is zero tolerance for deviation.

ZC Technical used a standing seam for each of the domes to create vertical, unbroken lines and opted for high quality VM zinc from France for its structural flexibility.

The long lasting quartz zinc treatment will ensure that the velvet grey colour on the domes holds over time. The dome’s natural tones were also chosen to blend well with other construction components, including the light grey facade on the church.