Ruukki Corten is a unique weather-resistant steel product highly recommended by architects in cladding and facade applications on buildings. Also known as ‘weathering steel’, Ruukki Corten is often compared to fine wine, thanks to its ability to enhance its appearance over time.

Popular in contemporary design applications for its striking aged look, durability and ability to work in harmony with its environment, Ruukki Corten steel allows architects and designers to push the boundary on many cutting-edge commercial and residential projects.

Jon Lee from Cladding Australia Pty Ltd, which distributes the brand in Australia, says Ruukki Corten is utilised to stunning effect on houses, museums, wineries, outback tourist centres and even contemporary outdoor sculptures.

He explains that architects and designers specify Ruukki Corten for its natural warm hues, earthy rich texture and ability to complement its environment over time. A unique aspect of the steel is its capacity to oxidise when exposed to the elements, forming an attractive rust-like layer while also protecting itself against corrosion and regenerating if damaged.

Lee observes that these properties make Ruukki Corten a low-maintenance cladding and facade choice that aligns well with green architecture trends. He adds that Ruukki Corten thrives in Australia’s climate where it has a lifespan of over 50 years.

Cladding Australia Pty Ltd recently appointed ZC Technical as Ruukki Corten Sheets and Coils distributor for Queensland, Northern Territories and New South Wales.

Ruukki Corten is manufactured in Finland under licence from the U.S. Steel Corporation, the inventers and owners of the ‘Corten’ trademark.