ZC Technical completed a challenging roof design project at the town centre redevelopment in Robina. Delivered in 2015, the project was designed by Buchan Group and built by ADCO Constructions.

The design objective was to create distinctive roofs spread across 8000 square metres, featuring individual shaped conical sections to form the centrepiece of the town centre redevelopment. ZC Technical was required to provide elements to go straight across each conical section with Stage 2a measuring 2,200m² and Stage 2b an expansive 5,800m².

ZC Technical proved the feasibility of the project to ADCO with the preparatory work prior to installation taking about six months as the various teams worked through numerous design challenges. Designing the conical sections was particularly complex given that each one fell 15 degrees with a radius change from top to bottom making every panel an ‘untrue banana shape’.

The double lock standing seam system using zinc grey textured aluminium ultimately gave ZC Technical the pliability and design freedom required for the project. Additionally, an extra innovative, superior strength paint system was developed in Europe to handle the extreme stretching of the material and to allow for expansion without peeling.

ZC Technical was also able to source a critical new part for their existing machinery to help fabricate the conical panels for the roof.