Interlocking cassette panels from ZC Technical were installed on a house as cladding for the structure’s box-shaped elements, creating a very distinctive feature.

Built in 2013 based on the owner’s design, the 200-square-metre Western Rivers residence incorporated unique box-shaped elements, which needed to be clad for a finished look. However, it was important to choose a material that didn’t need ongoing maintenance because the areas were difficult to access.

Though the owner loved the striking colour of copper, there were concerns that the naturally occurring waviness would take away from its sharpness. ZC Technical offered the option of copper textured painted aluminium, which was found suitable for the project.

The interlocking panels provided an impeccably smooth finish and brought out the colour in the aluminium to avoid shadow lines from the ribs of the standing seam. This cost-effective solution has delivered a unique and enduring exterior that will retain its looks for years without the need for maintenance.