Artemis International Solutions Corporation has released enhanced versions of its Artemis 7 (A7) and Artemis Views product suites.

Artemis 7 and Artemis Views product suites solutions address an organisation’s total investment planning and control needs including IT management, new product development, program management and strategic asset optimisation.

A7, Version 7.0, provides significant performance, usability, and quality improvements prioritised by customers worldwide.

The new release culminates a 6-month quality improvement initiative and resolves over 100 customer requests, while incorporating new features including generic resources, project templates, Earned Value Management (EVM) support and various financial metrics.

Artemis Views, Version 8.0, includes advancements in usability, performance, and quality, as well as support for Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliance. Artemis affirmed its commitment to Customer Success by including over 100 customer driven features and enhancement requests to advance performance of ProjectView, CostView, TrackView, and PerformanceView.

Over the next 6 to 9 months, significant new capabilities and enhancements will be added to A7 and Views that will deliver market leading performance, scalability, and reliability. Development also continues on an integrated version of A7 and Views.

The anticipated solution will enable interoperability between portfolio management and detailed project management capabilities, an extension driven by customer feedback based on potential business impact.

Artemis 7 and Artemis Views product suites solutions are available from Zavanti.