Solarclip roof fasteners are one of the range of roof fastenings designed and manufactured by Zane Solar Pool Heating Australia .

Solarclip roof fasteners are a non-metallic retaining clip made for holding solar absorber strips to most types of roofs. These roof fasteners eliminate the need to use an adhesive as well as  providing soft mechanical restraint without metallic harshness. They are non-corrosive and non staining and are can be used on steel and other metal roofs. The solarclips are also maintenance free.


Tiles - the solarclips are used on the ridge of the tile, not the valley. They can be used on the majority of tiles currently on the market with the exception of some types of terracotta shapes.

Decking or other surface - the solarclips can be used on any flat surface or along the length of ridges or the upstands of roofing.

These roof fasteners come in black and are made from GF Nylon, which has been reinforced and inhibited against oxidation and UV breakdown.