The Zane ZX3000 solar controller is an update of the proven ZX2000 with many added features to enhance the unique Zane solar operating system. It provides options for fully automatic heating and cooling with fingertip access on the controller panel at a convenient position.

The ZX300 has a host of new features, such as:

· Lithimum Long life backup battery to keep time and set program

· Raised controller buttons for improved ease of use.

· The addition of an optional Rotoflow function.

· Eight way external connectors for ease of installation

· Auxiliary control for the addition of extra heating equipment


Rotoflow is an option available on the controller where the “roof” probe can be located on the return pipe to the pool instead of the roof.

The controller will run the solar pump for 2 minutes to compare the temperature difference between the pool probe which senses the water coming from the pool and the roof probe that senses water returning to the pool after going through the absorber on the roof.

If the temperature of the “roof” probe is 0.3°C greater than the pool probe, then the solar pump will continue running. Otherwise it will wait for 30 minutes before the next verification cycle. If the second cycle is still negative, it will wait for 60 minutes to try again and every 60 minutes thereafter.

If positive, the solar pump will remain on for solar gain to increase the pool temperature until top-out temperature is reached. It will stop when the temperature difference drops below 0.2°C. The operating time for the solar controller will default to 8am to 7pm by setting the dip switch L3 to OFF and solar control set to AUTO.

Advantage: Roof probe can be located on the return pipe to the pool, providing more protection and ease of installation.

Disadvantage: Solar pump will be starting and stopping more often, resulting in higher overall maintenance costs.