Zane Solar Pool Heating Australia have been heating swimming pools in Australia since 1974. They are specialists in customised solar heating systems for domestic, commercial and Olympic pools. Installation, repairs and maintenance are all part of the service that Zane provides.

Roof fastenings are an important component in the installation of any solar heated pool system. Metal roof anchors are one of a number of fastenings designed and manufactured by Zane. They are used to provide a secure absorber attachment point on steep sloping roofs. They work by stopping the absorber strip sliding down the sloping surface of the roof before the adhesive has had a chance to harden. As a general rule they are glued down first and then allowed to dry before the absorber is attached.

The metal roof anchors are made from 0.6 mm colourbond Zincalume sheet metal and the base of these anchors can be shaped by hand to fit the surface contours of the roof if needed.

The lugs on the roof anchors are spaced so that they pierce the outer two webs of the absorber strip. The roof anchors can also be cut in half if the situation requires the use of only one lug to hold the absorber. They are then turned outwards and pressed down carefully, so they do not squash the absorber tubes, after the absorber has been attached.

It is important that the particular area of the roof where the anchors are going to be attached be as clean as possible to ensure good adhesion. This can be done by the use of a wire brush to remove any surface dirt and grime.