Zane Solar Systems Australia  offer Jandy gas heaters that leave a pool warm irrespective of the seasons. The users will be able to swim in their pool all year round by installing Jandy gas heaters. Jandy gas heaters can quickly heat the pool to a comfortable temperature, whenever it is required.

Jandy Lite2 gas heaters are built for high performance heating. The gas is burned in a combustion chamber where the heat is transferred to the pool water. Water flows through one port, picks up heat from the heat exchanger in the heater, and exits another port on the way back to the pool. Jandy Lite2 gas heaters can either be connected to natural gas or require a storage tank for propane gas.

Dual thermostats allow for different temperature settings. Sealed controls protect the thermostat from corrosion or shorting and low volt controls provide extra safety. Jandy Lite2 gas heaters have an ingenious combustion chamber, surrounded by a ceramic fibre that works well and is an alternative to insulation material.

The copper heat exchanger and patented flow through baffles allow heat transfer, lowering the heater’s running costs. The ignition has a non-continuous pilot flame, which also reduces gas consumption. Stainless steel burners are corrosion resistant and long lasting.

Fully automatic start-up and shut-down sequence on the electronic ignition and flame fail control feedback (heat fuse) makes the operation safe and easy. Without a heat fuse, the flame can burn out of control if there is a fault with the heater. The heater’s extra top makes the heater cooler to touch, making it safer around kids.

Jandy Lite2 gas heaters feature powder coated finish designed to withstand biting wind and heavy rain conditions. Powder-coating offers a tough, scratch- and stain-resistant finish. These heaters are AGA approved. All models are approved by the Australian Gas Association (AGA) after stringent testing.

Jandy Lite2 gas heaters have the following benefits:

  • Fast method for heating the pool and provides a comfortable temperature for swimming on demand.
  • Can maintain any desired temperature irrespective of the weather.
  • Heats pools or spas for short periods of time