Since its foundation in 2001, China-based Yokor Windows , has built a reputation based on innovative design, good quality, and prompt customer service. The company is a specialist supplier of a wide range of  aluminium windows and doors and associated products including aluminium sliding doors, aluminium sliding windows, aluminium hinged doors/French doors, aluminium casement windows, awning windows, swivel windows, roof windows, aluminium shutters and flyscreens, aluminium handrails, glass handrails, glass canopies, aluminium awnings, and more.

The YK-SLW50B  Energy Saving Sliding Windows (Aluminium Sliding Windows),  part of this extensive range of products, are built from top grade aluminium and are available in a choice of styles and finishes.

Designed with security in mind, the YK-SLW50B Energy Saving Sliding Windows feature different structural thickness to suit customers’specifications: 50MM for YK-SLW50B, 80MM for YK-SLW80B, and 95MM for YK-SLW95B. With thermal breaking profile and proper glass option, Yokor aluminium sliding windows provide good energy saving effect and noise insulation property

Different glass options are also available: double-glazing, low-e glass, laminated glass, etc….Sliding screen and fixed screen can also be installed on the aluminium frame.
Thanks to the YK-SLW50B Energy Saving Sliding Windows the U-value can achieve 2.8W/M2K.