Pontoons, available from Yana , can be used for building party boats and houseboats. Pontoons are cylindrical objects with the ability to float on water, and due to this characteristic, they are often used for large structures that are required to stay float. They are used in buildings and bridges that have to achieve this objective, whether permanently or temporarily.

With such a useful trait, individuals soon become hooked onto the idea of using pontoons to construct vessels that could stay afloat on water and transport humans as well as goods. The end result was the pontoon party boat. Pontoons have a modular design that ensures to add additional safety to the end user.

Characteristics of a pontoon boat include:

  • Available in varying lengths and widths.
  • A low cost option to building fun, party boats.
  • The shallow draft of the pontoon boat allows it to be berthed at just about any location. The versatile pontoon boat is widely known as the ‘party boat’. The pontoon boat's design maximises space while its slow paced, meandering nature facilitates socialising.
  • Some of these pontoon boats have a mini shelter or cabin built over them, for those who prefer a sheltered design. The designs of these boats are simple because of their nature of use. Many prefer getting pontoon boats due to their lower cost and they can be a suitable vehicle for a family trip or gathering down by the lake or river. These vehicles are also much smaller in size and easier to manage and maintain.
  • Pontoon boats are sturdy.
  • Pontoons can be easily customised to meet individual’s needs by the way they construct their metal framework and attachments and modifications to the framework.

The pontoon boat can be taken into very shallow water. Modular pontoons are used for both work and recreational vessels for inland waterways. Smaller pontoons are also available, which are used widely for jetty’s and dam pumps.